Multi-Residue Pesticide Screening for Dried Botanicals

Technical notes | 2016 | WatersInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
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A Multi-Residue Method for the Analysis of Pesticides inCannabis Using UPLC-MS/MS and APGC-MS/MS to MeetCanadian Regulatory RequirementsDavid James, 1 Nichole Taylor, 1 and Christopher Stadey2Bloom Labs at Perennia Laboratories, Nova Scotia, Canada2Waters Corporation, Mississauga, Canada1APPLICATION BENEFITS■■Sensitive and reproducible workflowHealth Canada...
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Waters Application NotesFood Testing TO YOUR LABORATORYGC WITH THE POWER OF XEVO■Engineered to maximize uptime■Minimal method development■Easily surpass regulatory limits■Reduce training time and Ensuring consistent, reliable securityin the global food supplyIn these recently published application notes, learn how Waters’comprehensive analytical solutions...
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Enhancing MRM Experiments in GC/MS/MS Using APGC
2013|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Enhancing MRM Experiments in GC/MS/MS Using APGCTania Portolés,1 Laura Cherta,1 Joaquim Beltran,1 Antonietta Gledhill,2 Félix Hernández11University Jaume I, Castellón, Spain2Waters Corporation, Manchester, UKA P P L I C AT I O N B E N E F I T S■■Increased...
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Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Ginseng Powder: Optimized CleanupAfter QuEChERS Extraction for UPLC-MS/MS And GC-MS/MS AnalysisMichael S. Young, Kim Van Tran, and Jeremy C. ShiaWaters Corporation, Milford, MA, USAA P P L I C AT I O N B E N...
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