Multiple Detector Approaches to Protein Aggregation by SEC

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Size Exclusion Chromatographyin the Presence of an AnionicSurfactantIntact Protein ProfilingApplication NoteAuthorAbstractAndy CoffeySodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS, or SLS) is a well known anionic detergent,Agilent Technologies, Incfrequently used to denature proteins. It is commonly used in polyacrylamide gelelectrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), where a remarkably...
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Agilent “How to” Guide forSIZE EXCLUSION CHROMATOGRAPHYFOR BIOMOLECULE ANALYSIS A GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SECThe chromatographic separation of biomolecules based on their size in solution is knownas size exclusion chromatography (SEC). Unlike other modes of chromatography, it relieson the absence of any...
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