ASMS 2021: Non-destructive ambient MS imaging and differentiation of fingerprints directly from a smartphone with desorption electrospray ionization (DESI)

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THE EIGHT(Y) MILLION POUND QUESTION: USING DESI AMBIENT MS IMAGING FOR THE FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF CHEQUE FRAUDHuiqin Zhong,1 Zhengwei Jia,1 Wei Rao,1 Anthony Midey,2 and Bindesh Shrestha212Waters Technology (Shanghai) Limited, Shanghai, ChinaWaters Corporation, Beverly, MAINTRODUCTIONMETHODSRESULTSCheque fraud is a major category...
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[ TECHNOLOGY BRIEF ]Analysis of Fingerprints by Desorption Electrospray IonizationMass Spectrometry ImagingEmmanuelle Bardin,2 Emmanuelle Claude,1 and Zoltan Takats21Waters Corporation, Wilmslow, UK; 2Imperial College, London, UKAnalysis of fingerprints using non-imaging DESI-MScoupled to a QTof instrument (Xevo G2-XS) for genderprediction of donors.GOALHere...
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[ TECHNOLOGY BRIEF ]Metabolic Phenotyping of Colorectal Tissue Samplesby DESI-MSI for Clinical ResearchAnna Mroz,¹ Luisa Doria,¹ Emmanuelle Claude,² and Zoltan Takats¹¹Imperial College, London, UK; ²Waters Corporation, Wilmslow, UKThe examination of lipid profiles and distributionsin healthy and cancerous colorectal tissue samplesmeasured...
Key words
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[ APPLICATION NOTEBOOK ]MS IMAGING AND AMBIENT IONIZATION-MSFOR METABOLOMICS AND LIPIDOMICS1 This notebook is an excerpt from the larger Waters’ Application Notebook on Metabolomics and Lipidomics #720005245ENTABLE OF CONTENTS3 Introduction4 Biomarker Discovery Directly from Tissue Xenograph Using High Definition ImagingMALDI Combined with Multivariate...
Key words
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