Laser Desorption-Ion Mobility Spectrometry As a Useful Tool For Surface Analysis

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Ion Mobility
Pharma & Biopharma, Homeland Security
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ChemicalIndustryLC & GC Separation Solutions GuidePetroleum OilsCommodity andSpecialty ChemicalsCarbohydratesand SaccharidesHighpH ConditionsLowpH Conditions GreatProductscome fromGreatPeoplewith aGreatPurposeAt our core, Phenomenex is a separation science company that creates uniquetechnologies to provide solutions for our customers.In this guide you will find key separation solutions for...
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[ APPLICATION NOTEBOOK ]MS IMAGING AND AMBIENT IONIZATION-MSFOR METABOLOMICS AND LIPIDOMICS1 This notebook is an excerpt from the larger Waters’ Application Notebook on Metabolomics and Lipidomics #720005245ENTABLE OF CONTENTS3 Introduction4 Biomarker Discovery Directly from Tissue Xenograph Using High Definition ImagingMALDI Combined with Multivariate...
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Acclaim columns overviewColumns for challenging separation needs Broad range ofHPLC and UHPLC columnsPhenyl-1C30Mixed-ModeWAX-1Mixed-ModeWCX-1Organic acidSurfactant PlusAmG C18Explosives E2MMixed-ModeHILIC-1ixed-mTrinity P1odeCarbamateCarbonylAcclaimHPLC andUHPLCcolumnsMixed-ModeHILIC-1HILIC-10Trinity P2ICGeneral-pu300 C18120 C8Polar AdvantagePolar Advantage IIApplicaTrinity Q1ticcifipe-sonRPeos120 C18rpLHIBroad range of HPLC and UHPLC columns for challenging separation needs• General-purpose RPSeparate complex samples...
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