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LC and LCMS webinars Week 50

Mo, 13.12.2021
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This week 13 LC and LC/MS webinars: IC-MS, Cancer, Proteins, mAbs, SW LC/QQQ, Lipids, Column Selection, Medical Devices, Metabolomics, QuEChERS, LC-IM-Q-TOF, Troubleshooting.
LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars Week 50

LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars Week 50

In the week from December 13, 2021, the following webinars await you in the field of LC and LCMS. More DETAILS and REGISTRATION can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

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1. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Cancer research - towards personalized medicine

The recent pandemic notwithstanding, cancer is still a major global threat which touches all of our lives either directly or indirectly.

2. Technology Networks/Agilent Technologies: Automated Protein Sample Preparation in Regulated Environments

Discover how the AssayMAP Bravo makes automated sample preparation accessible to non-automation experts to reduce variability, human error, and manual labour.

3. SelectScience/Thermo Fisher Scientific: Challenges and advantages of using IC-MS in the pharmaceutical industry

This webinar will explore how by adding a mass spectrometer to an ion chromatograph, it becomes possible to confirm and identify any of the unknowns in a pharmaceutical compound.

4. Phenomenex: Antibody Characterization - Intact Mass & Fragment Analysis Through Widepore Reverse Phase Chromatography

We will talk about common challenges encountered during RP mAbs characterization, stationary phase selectivity and how to select column and mobile phase selectivity and how to optimize the method parameters.

5. Separation Science/SCIEX: Turn your Triple Quad up to 11!

Separation Science, in collaboration with SCIEX, offers an upcoming webinar that demonstrates the capability of SCIEX OS software to perform data acquisition for legacy SCIEX Triple Quad instruments.

6. Agilent Technologies: Using UHPLC, SFC and a 2-D LC/SFC System for Separating Lipids

In this webinar, we will show the separation of lipids with UHPLC, SFC and the design and implementation of a simple 2-D system for lipid separation.

7. Phenomenex: Column Care 101

We will cover the general steps on HPLC troubleshooting, How to protect your column , including sample and mobile phase preparation suggestions and How to clean and store your HPLC column...

8. C&EN/Agilent Technologies: Development and Justification for Simulated Use Conditions for Leachables Analysis from Medical Devices

We will review the issues related to the use of binary solvents as well as relay results showing a comparison of the extraction power of blood contrasted with saline and water/alcohol mixtures.

9. Evosep Biosystems/Bruker Daltonics: Whisper is here

Learn more about the advantages of the pioneering Whisper flow technology in this webinar & The Evosep Whisper 100 + Bruker diaPASEF timsTOF.

10. SelectScience/Thermo Fisher Scientific: A multi-platform metabolomics approach for exposure science using mass spectrometry

Utility of the multi-platform metabolomics approach will be explored for the analysis of a novel in vitro gastrointestinal model to assess the effects of ubiquitous chemicals on the microbiome.

11. SelectScience/CTC Analytics: Automated sample preparation for pesticides using QuEChERS extraction and cleanup

This webinar introduces automated sample processing of the QuEChERS analysis method for pesticides. The PAL System replaces the manual cleanup with an automated workflow.

12. Agilent Technologies: How Do I Choose? A Guide to HPLC Column Selection

In this webinar we will take a look a different particle technologies and considerations for matching the particle size with the goals of your separation.

13. Agilent Technologies: A Guide to Develop, Optimize & Validate Methods of Liquid Chromatography

We are presenting a 3-part webinar series to discuss on the critical factors and approaches to arrive at the most efficient HPLC method: Principles, Basics and Critical factors.

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