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Basics of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Purification

We will discuss factors involved in HPLC purification and scale up considerations.

Systematic Evaluation of ChIP-seq Conditions with Automation

Here, we automated this single-pot ChIP-seq protocol end-to-end using the Agilent Bravo.

Simple UV-VIS Workflows For Concentration Analysis

We will discuss concentration analysis workflows and how to streamline these measurements with reliable hardware and software.

Scale Up with Confidence: Column Selection for Preparative HPLC

In this webinar, we will discuss the process of scaling up from an analytical to a preparative HPLC method.

A Robust Method For the Sensitive Analysis of Non-Derivatized Polar Pesticides in Food by LC/MS/MS

LC/MS/MS workflow, from sample preparation to MS detection for the simultaneous quantitation of 11 underivatized polar pesticides in five matrices adhering to the to SANTE 11312/2021 guidelines.

Take control of your data and instruments: Your journey starts here

The Thermo Scientific Ardia Platform brings together chromatography and mass spectrometry, connecting data and instruments, helping scientists get closer to the truth.

Increasing method reproducibility by eliminating unwanted analyze surfaced interactions

We demonstrate improved performance when using the hybrid surface technology for separations of various small molecules as well as nucleotides, phosphopeptides, and oligonucleotides.

Basics of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Purification

We will discuss factors involved in SFC purification.

SureMass: Fast, Accurate, and Reproducible Data Processing

In this webinar SureMass conversion will be shown and examples of its speed and improved mass accuracy will be shared.

Uncovering Novel Psychoactive Substance Biomarkers Using Diagnostic Fragment Screening

We will showcase how accurate mass diagnostic fragments of fentanyl and other analogs can be utilized to identify new fentanyl analog biomarkers.

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