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Chiral HPLC: From Basics to the Latest and Unique Novelties

We invite you to join our free webinar to understand the principles of chiral HPLC, different types of stationary phases and their characteristics and separation modes.

The Challenges of Pesticide Analysis - LC or GC Triple Quadrupole?

This webinar takes a look at the pros and cons of LC-QqQ and GC-QqQ for the analysis of pesticides in food and agricultural matrices. Industry and technology experts will provide their insights.

Quality attributes and extended characterization of lentiviral and gammaretroviral vectors using light scattering

We will demonstrate batch dynamic light scattering (DLS) for rapid, low-resolution measurements and MALS in combination with field-flow fractionation (FFF) for extended characterization of viral vectors.

BioPharma Finder software for characterization of protein and oligonucleotide based biotherapeutics

BioPharma Finder software is a workflow driven solution for complete characterization of biotherapeutics.

Method Development & Optimization Workshop

In this online workshop, Agilent presents the common challenges faced these days and focuses on Method Development Solutions with maximum efficiency to optimize your workflows.

LC Method Development and Problem Prevention for Pharmaceutical Methods

This webinar will cover topics like LC Column Selection and Method Development and Overview of USP Allowable Adjustments and Avoid LC Problems through Proper Column Care and Troubleshooting.

Lipidomics from Structure to Function

Part I: Lipidomics from Structure to Function

Quantitative Bottom-Up Shotgun Lipidomics Using High-Resolution Orbitrap FTMS

Part II: Quantitative Bottom-Up Shotgun Lipidomics Using High-Resolution Orbitrap FTMS

GlycanExplorer – A software solution for high throughput bio-therapeutic glycan characterization

In this presentation, we will discuss how the software detects the peaks from your raw data, identify the probable glycans with the help of different search workflows, and present the results.

High Resolution MS and Statistical Analysis Approaches to Lubricant Formulation Research and Development

We will outline a simple and efficient workflow that uses HRMS and statistical analysis of the acquired data to understand the differences between several automotive lubricant oils at a molecular level.

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