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HPLC Method Transfer: A CDMO perspective

We will share key learnings, feedback and best practices for transferring methods from competitive instruments and developing new ones onto the Vanquish liquid chromatography platform.

Nitrosamine exchange – a USP’s knowledge community for all-things nitrosamine

We will explore how USP responded to the nitrosamine impurities crisis not only with a proposed general chapter on nitrosamine impurities but also non-compendial resources and tools.

Advances in Sample Preparation Technique for the Extraction of Polar Analytes from Various Sample Matrices

3 Topics: Learn about challenges to extract polar analytes & How to optimize sample prep methods for polar analytes & Explore applications for sample prep from various matrices.

Scintillating Emerging Solutions for Discovery Metabolomics

2 Topics: Leveraging Advancements in Ion Mobility Technology for Lipid Applications; Dose-Response Metabolomics for High-Throughput Screening of Off-Target Effects.

Cyclic IMS in Action: Deep dive into Biomedical Research

Join us for this exciting new demo series where we take you into our application laboratories to see the SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS in action and explore different workflows from the beginning to the end.

The #ConnectedLaboratory is real! - Part 3: Meet our newest member in the #ConnectedLaboratory

Discover how the newest addition to the #ConnectedLaboratory will improve your plate and cartridge processing protocols.

A diamond in the rough: Fundamentals and strategies for using porous graphitic carbon columns

Join Clinton Corman, senior scientist at MilliporeSigma, as he discusses the fundamentals, troubleshooting, and method development aspects of using porous graphitic carbon in analytical chromatography assays.

Innovation for Quantitation: An Overview of the Agilent LC/TQ Portfolio

Through a clear and straightfolio portfolio of LC/TQs, this talk will give a broad overview of Agilent’s current triple quadrupole LC/MS portfolio

PFAS testing: finding PFAS in people

We will cover: Sources of PFAS in the body & Which PFAS we see in humans & Using LC-MS/MS to help understand the fate of PFAS in our bodies.

Optimizing Your MS Analysis by Selecting the Right Column

Learn how selecting the right column for ethyl glucuoronide and ethyl sulfate, two metabolite of ethanol detected in urine, and achieving resolution can improve linearity and stability over time.

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