LCMS webinars focusing on Consumables

LCMS webinars focusing on Consumables

Carboxen® Synthetic Carbon: A Derivatized Resin for Process and Preparative Chromatography

Webinar highlighting the advantages and value of synthetic carbon separation media in both liquid and gas purifications.

Tips for Developing Successful Solid Phase Extraction Methods

In this talk, we will discuss tips for selecting, developing, and implementing simple and successful solid phase extraction methods.

Refine Size Exclusion Analysis of Proteins Using Multi-Angle Light Scattering and Mass Spectrometry

This webinar will explain the different detection methods and their results. Special emphasis will be placed on the higher requirements for size exclusion columns preceding advanced detection methods.

Biphenyl, the Go To Phase for LC-MS Method Development

The webinar describing how the unique nature of Biphenyl imparts selectivity to isobaric compounds that is not readily achievable by other phases with simple, friendly and LC-MS amenable solvent systems.

Determination of Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Soils Using Carbon S SPE by LC/MS/MS

This study investigates the post-extraction matrix cleanup of 59 PFAS from loamy sand, reed sedge peat, and topsoil using the Bond Elut Carbon S 250 mg, 6 mL cartridges followed by LC/MS/MS analysis.

Targeted Proteomic Analysis of Cell Death Pathway Activation in Cancer Cell Lines

Here we used an Agilent 6495C LC-MS/MS system and the MRM Proteomics PeptiQuant Plus kit to perform targeted analysis of 270 proteins in leukemia cells following treatment with the enzyme-drug L-asparaginase.

The application of different sample preparation techniques to improve LC-MS based assay performance

The presentation will provide an insight into the to understand how these different techniques work, and how they can be successfully applied to analysing biological fluids.

What You Need to Know: Micro and Nano Low Flow LC Essentials

In this webinar we will review micro and nano LC fundamentals, and present a selective approach to trap and column strategies to increase method performance.

Tackling the Pitfalls of Oral Fluid Matrix Analysis

In this webinar we will present an effective sample cleanup method for oral fluid analysis that targets 32 pain panel analytes and results in good precision, accuracy, and linearity.

EPA 608.3: Modern Sample Prep Solution for Wastewater Labs

This webinar provides specifics on establishing a successful 608.3 extraction protocol as well as tips for overcoming potential problems encountered by environmental laboratories.

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