LCMS webinars focusing on Columns

LCMS webinars focusing on Columns

Carboxen® Synthetic Carbon: A Derivatized Resin for Process and Preparative Chromatography

Webinar highlighting the advantages and value of synthetic carbon separation media in both liquid and gas purifications.

Refine Size Exclusion Analysis of Proteins Using Multi-Angle Light Scattering and Mass Spectrometry

This webinar will explain the different detection methods and their results. Special emphasis will be placed on the higher requirements for size exclusion columns preceding advanced detection methods.

Biphenyl, the Go To Phase for LC-MS Method Development

The webinar describing how the unique nature of Biphenyl imparts selectivity to isobaric compounds that is not readily achievable by other phases with simple, friendly and LC-MS amenable solvent systems.

The application of different sample preparation techniques to improve LC-MS based assay performance

The presentation will provide an insight into the to understand how these different techniques work, and how they can be successfully applied to analysing biological fluids.

What You Need to Know: Micro and Nano Low Flow LC Essentials

In this webinar we will review micro and nano LC fundamentals, and present a selective approach to trap and column strategies to increase method performance.

Column Selection for Bioanalytical Method Development

Selecting a Stationary Phase. Column Screening. Case studies.

Decrypting liquid chromatography variation and managing compound optimization and ion suppression for improved LC-MS/MS assay reproducibility

How to improve your LC-MS/MS assays by investigating the causes of chromatographic variation, the effects of differing methods of compound optimization and the sources of ion suppression.

Exploring LC Selectivity Using Steroids in a Clinical Research Setting

LC selectivity theory and its parameters. Column phases and expected interactions with five different steroids. Screening 4 phases and how they affect the LC selectivity for a steroid panel.

Analytical Considerations to Improve Regulated and Unregulated Analysis of PFAS Compounds

How column choice affects PFAS selectivity. Learn how modified C18, -Hexyl, Phenyl-Hexyl, and Fluorinated phases affect PFAS selectivity. How using organic modifiers can improve PFAS selectivity.

Unleash the Targeted Drug Potential of Biomolecules!

Learn New Targeted Workflows to Overcome Challenges in Biomolecule Characterization.

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