LCMS webinars focusing on Columns

LCMS webinars focusing on Columns

Scale Up with Confidence: Column Selection for Preparative HPLC

In this webinar, we will discuss the process of scaling up from an analytical to a preparative HPLC method.

Chiral Chromatography Screening 101

Join us in this upcoming webinar and take a deep dive into columns and screening modes/methods!

Strategies for Adding Xylazine, Nitazenes, and Other NPS to Laboratory Testing Scopes

We will provide a background on NPS as well as strategies and tools, such as Restek’s Pro EZLC Chromatogram Modeler...

Are Biphenyl Phases really the new C18?

In this webinar we'll discuss the retention profile of C18 columns, and consider the differences which modified C18 phases can offer.


Learn how to leverage different column attributes to drive retention and manipulate selectivity. Examples about how the latest column technologies can improve your results.

Pace Up with Fast GPC Analysis

How to systematically convert traditional GPC methods to fast GPC, optimize your method parameters for fast GPC analysis and increase lab productivity with proper column selection.

GPC Method Development : It’s not just about sample size in solution

The systematic ways in designing GPC method development experiments and selection of key components, parameters and column based on the sample type and properties.

IC Symposium 2023 - Day 1

Join us for the 2023 Global IC Symposium! North and South America

Analysis of Polar Analytes by LC - What are the Options?

In this webinar, we will discuss available alternatives such as ion pairing, use of polar bonded phases, or polar modified columns.

Analysis of Mono and Disaccharides in Food and Beverages​

Topics: Routine LC Analysis of Mono and Disaccharides in Food and Beverages; Screening of methods for determining the sugar content of beverages.

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