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Oligonucleotide Analysis: Practical Techniques and Method Development Optimization for HPLC

Chromatographic conditions for oligonucleotide analysis.

Advanced strategies in LC/MS/MS for the clean-up and the analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in various matrices

In this webinar, learn about the background of PFAS and their regulations, sample preparation strategies, correct HPLC column choice, challenges in method development, and application to water and food samples.

Leveraging innovative stationary phase architectures and multi-detection strategies in biopharma and proteomics research to enhance precision, efficiency, and results

The 1st key-note presentation will explore the pursuit of enhanced chromatographic performance in low-flow applications. The second part will take us to detection technologies.

Exploring Oligonucleotide Diversity: Insights From Multiple Modes of Chromatography

How various chromatographic techniques can be synergistically employed to achieve comprehensive oligonucleotide characterization.

New Insights on Anion Exchange and Size Exclusion of Nucleic Acids

We have explored alternative mobile phase conditions in combination with various packing materials and sorbents.

The role of chromatography and monodisperse particles in mass spectrometry-based metabolomics for disease detection

The clinical translation of metabolomics using examples of different diseases including rare diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases.

Strategies to address monitoring and compliance testing of PFAS in food

Overview of the methods, common challenges, the validation scheme described in the guidance document published by the European Union Reference Laboratory.

Speed up HPLC method development by 30 %

How you can speed up method development by 30 % AND increase your assay precision 10-fold.

Push low-flow separations for LC-MS proteomic workflows further with integrated column-emitter and innovative micro-pillar array column (µPAC) technology

Thermo Scientific low-flow chromatography (capLC/NanoLC) columns and demonstrate how they are specifically designed to push nanoLC separations further.

Achieving Your Sustainability Goals with UPLC

How to reduce the use of acetonitrile while maintaining separation performance by using narrower ID columns containing smaller particles.