LCMS webinars focusing on UV-Vis

LCMS webinars focusing on UV-Vis

Improving UV-Vis Efficiency with Simultaneous Data Collection

We will discuss in this webinar what to do in these scenarios - and how simultaneous data collection can speed up sample throughput and improve workflows.

Moving from R&D and Limited QC on a UV-Vis-NIR instrument to Large Scale QC Using an Autosampler

During this presentation, we will look at the aspects of adding and using an autosampler to Maximize QC Workflow.

Back to Basics Workshop for UV-Vis

Join us to become familiar with performing UV-Vis measurements and how instrumental parameters, solvents, and cuvettes selection, etc. can affect your results.

Meeting 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance With UV-Vis Spectrometers

Agilent's Cary 60 and Cary 3500 UV-VIS spectrometers are capable of meeting 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and requirements and are here to help.

Understanding Your UV-Vis Measurements

We will go over what is happening when we take a UV-VIS measurement, discuss how measurement parameters can improve our data collection, and look at applications like concentration and kinetics.
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