LCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

LCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

Solutions and best practices for 2D-LC

Get an overview of 2D-LC instrumentation for multi-heart cutting and comprehensive 2D-LC.

Key concepts of 2D-LC

Learn about the four modes of 2D-LC: heart-cutting, multiple heart-cutting, selective and full comprehensive, and find out how they relate conceptually.

Understanding Your UV-Vis Measurements

We will go over what is happening when we take a UV-VIS measurement, discuss how measurement parameters can improve our data collection, and look at applications like concentration and kinetics.

Mobile Phase to Detector - Complete Workflow

In this seminar, we will cover the complete LC workflow, starting from mobile phase to detection.

What You Need to Know: Micro and Nano Low Flow LC Essentials

In this webinar we will review micro and nano LC fundamentals, and present a selective approach to trap and column strategies to increase method performance.

Uncertainty of Linear Calibration Curve & Detection Limit (Part 1)

This one-day training program is designed to answer all questions and others related to the subjects of linear regression of instrument calibration and detection limits including IDL, MDL and LOQ.

Tips to Help Maximize Resolution

In this webinar we will discuss some important considerations to help maximize resolution when developing an HPLC method.

Essentials of Good HPLC Method Development

In this talk we will look at the basic essentials needed to efficiently develop an HPLC method.

An Introduction to Polymer Analysis - A Lesson in GPC Fundamentals

Introduction to Size-Exclusion Chromatography. Understand how the technique aids polymer analysis. Determination of Molecular Weight, Distribution, and Polydispersity.

Advances in Sample Preparation Technique for the Extraction of Polar Analytes from Various Sample Matrices

3 Topics: Learn about challenges to extract polar analytes & How to optimize sample prep methods for polar analytes & Explore applications for sample prep from various matrices.

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