LCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

LCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

Basics of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Purification

We will discuss factors involved in HPLC purification and scale up considerations.

Scale Up with Confidence: Column Selection for Preparative HPLC

In this webinar, we will discuss the process of scaling up from an analytical to a preparative HPLC method.

Basics of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Purification

We will discuss factors involved in SFC purification.

The Karl Fischer Oven Method – Step by Step

After viewing this webinar, you will know how to perform accurate sample measurements using the oven method.

Selecting your Separation: Are my Compounds Better for GC or LC

We will review analyte structural properties that make the compound more amenable to either liquid chromatography or to gas chromatography.

Peak Shape and Why It Matters: How to Get Good Peak Shape

We will discuss factors affecting peak shape, such as the column, sample, mobile phase, and more, and offer remedies for improving peak shape.

Why Won’t My HPLC Method Transfer? How to Build a More Robust Method

In this talk, we will discuss the factors that impact the fidelity of HPLC method transfer.

How to design an LCMSMS Experiment

This presentation will examine the scan parameters available for designing an MSMS, explain their intended function, and suggest approaches to use based on the goal of the LCMSMS experiment.

How to set MS Scan Parameters for your LCMS Experiment

An easy to follow guide detailing how to set MS scan parameters for an LCMS experiment will be presented.

Pace Up with Fast GPC Analysis

How to systematically convert traditional GPC methods to fast GPC, optimize your method parameters for fast GPC analysis and increase lab productivity with proper column selection.

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