LCMS webinars focusing on 2D-LC | LabRulez LCMS

Implementation of 2 - Dimensional Chromatography for Characterization of Non - Ionic Surfactants with Accurate Mass Time of Flight Spectrometry

In the first dimension the separation is by degree of ethoxylation, while in the second dimension by the separation occurs by the length of the hydrophobic tail.

Introduction to Multidimensional Polymer-LC

The presentation will introduce the concept of 2-dimensional chromatography, the instrumental setup as well as typical applications.

Solutions and best practices for 2D-LC

Get an overview of 2D-LC instrumentation for multi-heart cutting and comprehensive 2D-LC.

Key concepts of 2D-LC

Learn about the four modes of 2D-LC: heart-cutting, multiple heart-cutting, selective and full comprehensive, and find out how they relate conceptually.

Taking your Polymer Analysis to the Level – A Walkthrough Advanced Polymer Separation

Techniques for tackling more challenging complex samples. Understand the potential of advanced polymer separation. Advanced detection techniques, GPEC, RPLC, 2D LC.

2D or not 2D? That is the question! Boost your performance with 2D-LC separation

Several concepts of the different types of 2D-LC will be explained to enable comprehensive understanding of this well- established technology.

A masterclass in mass spectrometry – from the latest innovations to future applications

Join Agilent to experience expertly crafted mass spectroscopy content that could help change your lab forever.

Overcome Oligonucleotide Analysis Challenges with 2D-LC/MS

This webinar will discuss the common challenges associated with oligonucleotide analysis and purification and how to overcome them through 2D-LC/MS and method optimization.

Bio Compatible 2D-LC with OpenLab CDS

This presentation will show the 2D-LC Software for OpenLab CDS which supports all key 2D-LC Workflows; qualitative and quantitative measurements, UV and MSD detection, heart-cutting and much more.

Brilliant Lipidomics Solutions: Sample Preparation, Discovery and Targeted Approaches

3 Topics: Lipid Separation UHPLC, SFC & 2-D LC/SFC - HRMS, Targeted Method for Plasma Lipidome Profiling, Solid Phase Sample Preparation Method for Lipidomic Analysis of Plasma Samples.