LCMS webinars focusing on SFC | LabRulez LCMS

Streamlining Your Purification Workflow With Automation

How Shimadzu's Nexera Prep can streamline your workflow and produce outstanding results with minimal effort and time.

Basics of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Purification

We will discuss factors involved in SFC purification.

Why SFC? An in-depth look into the benefits of this separation method

SFC offers several benefits over HPLC for compound isolation due to the nature of supercritical fluids.

SFC – only the solvent is critical

This webinar will explain basic scientific principles of SFC as a highly powerful liquid separation technique for the efficient separation a wide range of analytes.

European Extractables and Leachables Forum

Waters is providing a unique opportunity to discuss with leading experts on the latest developments in MS instrumentation, E&L libraries, as well as the importance of reliable reference standards.

Using UHPLC, SFC and a 2-D LC/SFC System for Separating Lipids

In this webinar, we will show the separation of lipids with UHPLC, SFC and the design and implementation of a simple 2-D system for lipid separation.


Pesticide analysis, mycotoxins and sugar analysis | Global key decision makers from laboratories and food & beverage manufacturers | Exploration and problem-solving.

Persistent and mobile organic chemicals in the aquatic environment: Occurrence and analytical challenges

This presentation will focus on SFC by (i) highlighting methodical challenges and advantages (ii) will present several applications of SFC for analysis of PM(T) substances in environmental water samples.

Pharma in MOTION - Day 2: Technologies & Protein Analysis

Join Waters and our panel of industry experts for this special, first edition of Pharma in MOTION - Technologies & Protein Analysis.

Advances in Eco-Sustainable CO2 Technologies

The Forum provides a unique opportunity to discuss advances in next-generation of eco-sustainable CO2 Separation (SFC) and Extraction (SFE) technologies.