LCMS webinars focusing on Dissolution

LCMS webinars focusing on Dissolution

Go with Your Gut: A Biorelevant Dissolution Media Discussion

Biorelevant Dissolution media has long been a topic of drug release testing and has become a stronger focus in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dissolution Qualification – the PQ vs. MQ debate: What’s Right for Your Lab?

The discussion will highlight some advantages and disadvantages of PQ and MQ approaches and give you some insights on which approach could work best for your lab.

Looking Ahead: The Dissolution Lab of the Future

How does the Dissolution workflow and equipment fit into the move to a connected lab environment and where do we see challenges but also opportunities?

Amino Acid Analysis: Decoded

Does Amino Acid analysis impact different stages of drug discovery or the manufacturing process? Is it important for protein and peptide identification and quantitation?​

Overcoming Dissolution Challenges with Low-Dose Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

We will explore tools and techniques that address the challenges of these types of analysis by examining several examples and case studies.

Revisions to USP chapter 1724 - Dissolution Testing of Semisolids

Join us to get an update on the latest changes and additions to USP chapter <1724>.

A Trip to the Vet: Expert Advice about Dissolution Testing of Veterinary Products

Let’s take a trip to the vet and explore our options.

Current Practices for the Dissolution Testing of Medical Devices, Combination Products, and Novel Dosage Forms

Join us for a discussions on challenges and how they can be overcome.

Exploring Dissolution Techniques for Vaccines, Liposomes, and Parenterals

Let’s take a closer look at all these questions and try to answer them with our group of experts from the DDG panel and industry experts.

What You (May) Have Missed: Key Regulatory and Compendial Dissolution Updates in 2021

Join the DDG expert panel for an update on the Key Regulatory and Compendial Dissolution Updates from 2021.
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