LCMS webinars focusing on GC/APCI

LCMS webinars focusing on GC/APCI

Advancing technology for dioxins analysis – adapting methodology to address current and future needs

The use of tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (MS) as an acceptable alternative to traditional high-resolution magnetic sector-based methods.

GC-MS/MS multi-residue method: Using APGC for baby food analysis

Join us for our free Pesticide Thursdays webinar series and learn more on Waters turn-key solutions developed to tackle pesticide residues in or on food and feed.

Overcoming Analytical Challenges for Mandatory Testing of Pesticides in Cannabis Products to Comply with Health Canada Guidance

We will discuss how atmospheric pressure GC (APGC-MS/MS) can be used to provide a suitable determination of all pesticides currently regulated by Health Canada at the recommended limits of quantitation.

Application of new mass spectrometric methods and workflows to determine authenticity of food

V této prezentaci uvádíme přehled možností různých metod hmotnostní spektrometrie pro přesné stanovení chráněného označení původu pro extra panenský olivový olej.

Discovery OMICS and Progenesis QI for Food Authenticity Testing

In this on-demand webinar, we describe a proof of principle method to assess the authenticity of basmati rice using the latest advancements in high resolution GC-MS and informatics technologies.
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