The Impact of Reliable Automation in Translational Metabolomics

How automated liquid handling for LC-MS/MS sample preparation contributed to the identification and quantification of over 30 metabolites.

LC-MS/MS Analysis of Serum Estrogens for Clinical Research

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the performance of the ACQUITY UPLC™ I-Class and Xevo™ TQ-Absolute for the quantification of estrogens for clinical research.

Simplified Workflows for Glycan Analysis Combining Speed, Simplicity, and Unrivaled Sensitivity

Current challenges faced with glycan analysis, learn how to develop comprehensive workflow-based solutions.

ASB/OSAC Compliance Testing – One Box, One Analyst, One Instrument

Learn how to implement lean principles into your lab: ASB/OSAC Compliance Testing – One Box, One Analyst, One Instrument

Determination of Optical Properties of Advanced Materials through Angular UV-Vis-NIR Measurements

How angular measurements can be made through the use of a Cary 7000 and its UMA (Universal Measurement Accessory).

Enhancing the characterization of mRNA lipid nanoparticle drugs and vaccines with new LC-MS solutions

Discover how a quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) system can be used for high-resolution quantitation of oligonucleotides.

How to advance clinical research with polymeric mixed-mode solid phase extraction

Mixed-mode polymeric extraction (SPE) fundamentals and the properties of polymeric hydrophobic interaction (reversed-phase) SPE sorbents.

Innovations in Multiomics Research for Life Sciences

This webinar will unveil a comprehensive method that significantly enhances drug target prediction performance through the integration of multiomics data.

Chapter 3: Inside the technical note

Join us for a live event that will take you behind the scenes of technotes. Get ready to ignite your curiosity and expand your knowledge in this unique webinar experience.

Make Metabolomics library building easier with intelligent data acquisition and curation software

Join us for a webinar, where metabolomics experts will demonstrate how to use our mass spectral library curation software, Thermo Scientific™ mzVault™ library and Thermo Scientific™ Mass Frontier™ with curator.