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Multiplatform Untargeted Metabolomics (LC/MS, GC/MS, CE/MS) vs Semitargeted LC/MS for Lipids and Polar Compounds

Advantages and limitations of these analytical platforms will be discussed with some examples from our laboratory.

Contaminants in food - Mycotoxins and microplastics

This webinar will discuss how to confidently test for prevalent phytoxins and mycotoxins or about different GC-MS options from nominal mass resolution to high resolution in combination with Pyrolysis.

Solutions and best practices for 2D-LC

Get an overview of 2D-LC instrumentation for multi-heart cutting and comprehensive 2D-LC.

Sweetening you Sugar Analysis with Electrichemical detection

In this talk we compare three commonly used techniques for the analysis of sugars. We will demonstrate the LOD and LOQs of each detector for a series of standards and samples.

Oligo to Go: Navigating your LC/MS Options for Oligonucleotide Characterization

This presentation will focus on a range of LCMS options for the characterization of oligo samples and data analysis strategies behind those efforts.

Analysis of battery electrolytes

Learn about analytical solutions for lithium-ion battery material and structural analysis. Learn how IC, GC-MS, ICP-OES, and SEM support battery value chain from raw materials to recycling.

Refine Size Exclusion Analysis of Proteins Using Multi-Angle Light Scattering and Mass Spectrometry

This webinar will explain the different detection methods and their results. Special emphasis will be placed on the higher requirements for size exclusion columns preceding advanced detection methods.

Moving from R&D and Limited QC on a UV-Vis-NIR instrument to Large Scale QC Using an Autosampler

During this presentation, we will look at the aspects of adding and using an autosampler to Maximize QC Workflow.

Biphenyl, the Go To Phase for LC-MS Method Development

The webinar describing how the unique nature of Biphenyl imparts selectivity to isobaric compounds that is not readily achievable by other phases with simple, friendly and LC-MS amenable solvent systems.

Critical Insights in the Detection of PFAS in Our Environment: How the PerkinElmer QSight LC/MS/MS System Can Offer a Robust and Reliable Solution

Presentation will explore some high-performance solutions to optimize your laboratory workflow for PFAS analysis.

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