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How to Achieve Accurate Water Content Results with Karl Fischer Titration

Topics: The difference between Volumetry and Coulometry, How to improve your Karl Fischer titration process, The key quality assurance requirement, How to perform an accurate titer determination ...

Importance of CRM-grade Karl Fischer Standards for Accurate KF Titration

We will present key reference material terms, different quality grades of reference materials, and an overview of our portfolio of high-quality CRM-grade KF Standards.

The Karl Fischer Oven Method – Step by Step

After viewing this webinar, you will know how to perform accurate sample measurements using the oven method.

From Screening to Confirmation: A Comprehensive Food Safety Analysis from Initial DIA Screening to Automatic Reinjection for Suspect Confirmation

Here we present a robust DIA methodology with a novel prototype LC/Q-TOF.

Validation of Parameters for Karl Fischer Titration

The objective of this session is to present the requirements for a titration process.

Direct Karl-Fischer Titration or Gas Phase Extraction – A Closer Look

In this presentation we will compare the direct addition with the gas phase extraction method.

Live Roundtable Expert Discussion (Karl Fisher Titration Week)

We will discuss the trends and key aspects of Karl Fischer titration.

RapidFire affords extreme versatility in one platform for detecting reaction analytes across a diverse group of enzyme targets

This presentation will focus on our use of a RapidFire 400 High Throughput Mass Spectrometry system coupled to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Accelerating Analysis in the BioPharma Laboratory

Overview of Agilent Biopharma. Analytical Innovations to Speed-up Antibody Characterization. Absolute Protein Quantitation in Biological Matrixes.

Waters European Oligonucleotides Forum 2023

We have put together for you an interesting agenda with Live Demos, customer talks, and the chance to ask our experts your questions.

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