LCMS webinars focusing on SPME | LabRulez LCMS

Chromatography-Free Screening of PFAS Enabled Through SPME-DART-MS

Join us live for the real-time analysis of PFAS with SPME-DART-MS and discover the power of our cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies.

Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Seminar - Beer

3 Presentations: Markers of Consumer Acceptability in Lager Beer & LC-MS Analysis of Hop-Derived Humulone Constituents in Beer & HS-SPME Arrow/GC-MS of Smoke Taint-Related Volatile Phenols in Humulus lupulus.

Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Seminar - Wine

3 Presentations: Characterizing free and bound monoterpene alcohols in wine fermentations & Solventless Extraction Techniques & Effect of Winemaking on Element Profiles and Arsenic Species.

Sample Preparation for Fatty and Complex Food Matrices

This educational webinar is brought to you in collaboration with the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

Direct MS Screening - Get Results Faster with SICRIT

Ion source SICRIT® direct screening possibility provides three advantages for existing (routine) analyses and reducing complexity of mass spectrometry in terms of preparation, execution and evaluation.

Discovery OMICS and Progenesis QI for Food Authenticity Testing

In this on-demand webinar, we describe a proof of principle method to assess the authenticity of basmati rice using the latest advancements in high resolution GC-MS and informatics technologies.
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