LCMS webinars focusing on Sample prep

LCMS webinars focusing on Sample prep

Systematic Evaluation of ChIP-seq Conditions with Automation

Here, we automated this single-pot ChIP-seq protocol end-to-end using the Agilent Bravo.

RapidFire affords extreme versatility in one platform for detecting reaction analytes across a diverse group of enzyme targets

This presentation will focus on our use of a RapidFire 400 High Throughput Mass Spectrometry system coupled to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Remote Sampling Analysis of Immunosuppressant Drugs with LC-MS/MS

We will describe the use of Capitainer® B Devices Discover and Xevo TQ Absolute to achieve sufficient analytical sensitivity for a microsampling application.

Selected Applications for Drugs of Abuse Analysis in Hair

The webinar will highlight benefits of automation for laboratories with high throughput of samples and laborious manual methods, as well as challenges faced during analysis, including LOQs and matrix factors.

Need help with Sample Prep for LCMS in the Lab? Making use of the Automated Liquid Sampler you already have on your LCMS

The Automated Liquid Sampler (ALS) you have in your LCMS stack can simplify menial tasks.

Latest Update on the Analysis of MOSH/MOAH Contamination

We will introduce a fast and efficient analysis of MOSH/MOAH using a new automated saponification workflow that can save your time and effort while maximizing the results.

Method development for solid phase extraction with steroid analytes

We will explain the foundation of SPE and offer method development insight to a frequently tested clinical application.

Optimizing PFAS Analysis for Draft Method 1633 Using a Stacked SPE Format

This webinar will present data and discuss EPA Draft Method 1633 compliant options to simplify sample clean up and increase sample throughput for PFAS analysis.

Targeted Workflows

Targeted workflows are particularly interesting for identifying established biomarkers in various applications.

Automation of Solid Phase Extraction Procedures using a Novel Robotic Automation Platform

Learn how to automate your SPE procedures with the LCTech FREESTYLE™ system for various sample types.

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