LCMS webinars focusing on GPC/SEC

LCMS webinars focusing on GPC/SEC

Pace Up with Fast GPC Analysis

How to systematically convert traditional GPC methods to fast GPC, optimize your method parameters for fast GPC analysis and increase lab productivity with proper column selection.

GPC Method Development : It’s not just about sample size in solution

The systematic ways in designing GPC method development experiments and selection of key components, parameters and column based on the sample type and properties.

Fundamentals of Gel Permeation Chromatography Analysis

The basics of GPC along with details of various detection techniques, parameters, separation mechanism and interpretation of data.

Your GPC/SEC Toolbox – Have You Got What You Need for Your Polymer Analysis?

Practical steps, helpful product information, and application examples will be provided to assist you with selecting the best GPC/SEC solution for your polymer sample.

Analysis of Biotherapeutics using Size Exclusion Chromatography

Size-based separation using size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is a standard technique used to analyse size variants and monitor the purity level of biotherapeutics.

SEC Overview and Method Development for Biomolecules

We will discuss the theory behind SEC, overview of mAbs, and characterization requirements.


This webinar series will cover the foundations of chromatography for the separation and analysis of peptides and proteins.

SEC-nHRMS for the Characterization of mAbs

Receive a demonstration of how non-denaturing SEC-Native MS can be leveraged to streamline mAb characterization, including methods for the digestion of mAbs.

Secrets of size exclusion separations: a guide to biomolecule analysis

This webinar will elaborate on the basics of size exclusion analysis for proteins. Furthermore, it will reveal tips and tricks.

Advanced Size-Exclusion Chromatography: Focusing on Improved Column Lifetime and the Benefits of an Inert Surface

In this webinar, Dr. Helen Whitby will explain the foundation of size-exclusion theory and offer method development insight to select the proper column chemistry and improve upon traditional methods.

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