LCMS webinars focusing on Software

LCMS webinars focusing on Software

On-going Success Stories at BIOVECTRA Using NuGenesis LMS

We will share BIOVECTRA's ongonig implementation of NuGenesis LMS and the success stories we've had along the way.

Three Winning Arguments to Get Management Approval for a CDS Upgrade

We interviewed two senior Agilent support and service personnel to answer questions that are frequently asked by lab managers and informatics specialists.

Oligos Virtual Event

Innovations in Oligonucleotide Analysis. Lab productivity is at the forefront of every Biopharma lab.

End-to-end Solutions for the Complete Biorepository Sample Workflow

Presentation covering how the pre-configured capabilities of the SampleManager Biorepository solution can best support the critical biological material management in your biorepository lab.

Keeping your lab current: Leveraging Empower Software Solutions to Manage Upcoming USP Chapter 621 changes

How can solutions in Empower Software Solutions help you manage USP Chapter 621 Chromatography changes?

Comprehensive, Automated, and Integrated Software for Oligonucleotide Characterization and Sequence Confirmation

In this work, we present novel, automated, and integrated software to support oligonucleotides characterization workflows using HRAM MS data.

Getting to Grips with your Polymer Data - An Empower™ Tutorial

Key aspects of a GPC processing method. Working with different types of calibration, such as Relative, Universal, and Cumulative Matching Calibration. Generating and interpreting results.

Automated Workflows for Mass, Purity and Sequence Analysis of Oligonucleotides

This presentation will highlight two recently introduced software applications: INTACT Mass and CONFIRM Sequence.

Ensuring system quality to deliver easier audits

Find out how you can prepare for an inevitable audit. Learn about current regulatory requirements and what this means for your lab. Discover expert hints and tips for an effective system review.

The Power of Data Analytics: Driving Laboratory Efficiency and Discovering New Insights

Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers a webinar covering the benefits of data analytics and visualization tools.

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