LCMS webinars focusing on MALDI

LCMS webinars focusing on MALDI

Imaging Lipids in a Brain Injury model with AP-MALDI on Agilent Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

In this study, we highlight AP-MALDI imaging with a high sensitivity tandem quadrupole (TQ) and to selectively detect and image endogenous mouse brain lipids.

Innovations In Mass Spectrometry

Join us for our extended webinar to hear about the most recent and innovative developments in the world of mass spectrometry and how they are helping to drive science forward.

Exploiting the timsTOF and MALDI-2 Platforms to Assess Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics in Preclinical Models

Here, we introduce a timsTOF and MALDI-2 workflow to evaluate therapeutic activity.

Discovering Reprogrammed Molecular Pathways in Cancer Metastasis With MALDI Imaging

This presentation will highlight our recent progress in the discovery of N-glycans and phospholipids that significantly contribute to aberrant cancer metabolic pathways in primary tumors and metastases.

MALDI Mass Spectrometry of Synthetic Polymers

Learn how to utilize MALDI-MS for the precise structural analysis, isomer differentiation and identifying the spatial distributions of analytes or imaging of defects on polymer surfaces.

An integrated untargeted protein-based workflow for rapid detection of PDO feta cheese adulteration

In this research work, an integrated untargeted protein-based workflow is presented, to address authenticity challenges in PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) feta cheese.

Expanding the Biologics Toolkit With Next-Generation MALDI Top-Down Sequencing

This webinar will demonstrate the unique capabilities of next-gen MALDI-TDS for in-depth analysis of various pharmaceutical proteins, e.g monoclonal antibodies and viral protein receptor binding domains.

RAFA 2021: Use timsTOF Ion Mobility technology to improve results in Food analysis

We will discuss Using VIP-HESI and Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry to improve confidence in identification and workflow for setting up and controlling food authenticity analysis.

ASMS 2021 -Bruker's Virtual Breakfast Workshop – Metabolomics

Welcome to Bruker's activities during ASMS 2021 where you will learn about all new product and software launched during 2021.

ASMS 2021 - Bruker's Virtual Breakfast Workshop– Imaging/SpatialOMx

Welcome to Bruker's activities during ASMS 2021 where you will learn about all new product and software launched during 2021.

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