LCMS webinars focusing on Ion Mobility

LCMS webinars focusing on Ion Mobility

The Use of High-Resolution Ion Mobility for Structural Insight into Consequential Lipid Membrane Biology

The use of high resolution demultiplexing (HRdm) pushes the effective resolving power of the ion mobility separation on Agilent 6560 to a level where gas-phase separation of lipid isomers is achieved.

How to Guarantee the Safety of Recycled Polyolefins for Food Contact

We will show details of analytical methodology used, a few case studies and the available libraries containing more than 10,000 substances detected worldwide from packaging materials with the IMS data.

Collision Induced Unfolding: Rapid, Sensitive, Information Rich Stability Measurements

In this presentation, I discuss recent developments surrounding collision induced unfolding (CIU) methods that aim to bridge this medicines technology gap.

What’s new in Ion Mobility from Agilent

This presentation will cover Agilent’s most recent advances in High Resolution Ion Mobility Mass – Mass Spectrometry.

Exploring the Lipid Landscape and Unravelling Isomers

This webinar explores the use of high-resolution ion mobility performed on the MOBIE platform for the characterization of different lipid classes starting from phosphatidylcholines and gangliosides.

Automated Sample Introduction Method for High-Throughput Intact Native Protein Analysis Using Collision Induced Unfolding Coupled with Drift-Tube Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry

In protein structure studies, ion mobility spectrometry provides rotationally averaged collision cross-section values that correlates to size and shape of the biomolecule.

ASMS Virtual Mass Spectrometry Users Meeting

Join us on June 1, where you can learn how the latest MS technologies, software and services are solving complex analytical challenges, no matter the application.

Cyclic IMS in Action: Deep dive into Biomedical Research

Join us for this exciting new demo series where we take you into our application laboratories to see the SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS in action and explore different workflows from the beginning to the end.

Scintillating Emerging Solutions for Discovery Metabolomics

2 Topics: Leveraging Advancements in Ion Mobility Technology for Lipid Applications; Dose-Response Metabolomics for High-Throughput Screening of Off-Target Effects.

Exploiting the timsTOF and MALDI-2 Platforms to Assess Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics in Preclinical Models

Here, we introduce a timsTOF and MALDI-2 workflow to evaluate therapeutic activity.

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