LCMS webinars focusing on LC/HRMS

LCMS webinars focusing on LC/HRMS

SureMass: Fast, Accurate, and Reproducible Data Processing

In this webinar SureMass conversion will be shown and examples of its speed and improved mass accuracy will be shared.

Uncovering Novel Psychoactive Substance Biomarkers Using Diagnostic Fragment Screening

We will showcase how accurate mass diagnostic fragments of fentanyl and other analogs can be utilized to identify new fentanyl analog biomarkers.

From Screening to Confirmation: A Comprehensive Food Safety Analysis from Initial DIA Screening to Automatic Reinjection for Suspect Confirmation

Here we present a robust DIA methodology with a novel prototype LC/Q-TOF.

Accelerating Analysis in the BioPharma Laboratory

Overview of Agilent Biopharma. Analytical Innovations to Speed-up Antibody Characterization. Absolute Protein Quantitation in Biological Matrixes.

Waters European Oligonucleotides Forum 2023

We have put together for you an interesting agenda with Live Demos, customer talks, and the chance to ask our experts your questions.

Reduction of the background level and compound carryover for LC/MS applications

There will be a discussion on ways to reduce the instrument background level and how to minimize compound carryover using autosampler’s cleaning parameters options.

Unravelling the PFAS puzzle with Comprehensive Targeted & Untargeted Workflows

PFAS analysis is a complex problem that is best addressed with complementary targeted and non-targeted approaches.

Revealing the New Intelligent LC/MS Solutions from Agilent

Learn how you can meet actual challenges with the newest innovations in triple quadrupole LC/MS and quadrupole time-of-flight LC/MS from Agilent.

Practical strategies to decrease uncertainty in comprehensive extractables and leachables analysis by LC/MS

We will discuss the challenges associated with these analyses and present strategies that can be deployed to reduce uncertainty in LC/MS extractable studies.

Mass Spec Technology Forum

Our expert speakers will share their knowledge and experience, and also discuss the latest advances in the field.

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