LCMS webinars focusing on Gas Generators | LabRulez LCMS

Safe Hydrogenation in the Lab

Join this webinar to explore the utility of hydrogen in chemical research, its associated risks, and a safer laboratory solution: H-Genie® Lite.

Breaking the Boundaries: The Latest Innovations in Mass Spectrometry

Technical webinar: overview of cutting-edge MS equipment and the latest innovations in utilizing hydrogen as a carrier gas, LC/Q-TOF or N2 gas generators.

LC/MS Forum

Featuring speakers from Peak Scientific, Shimadzu and Agilent, and more, will explore the latest LC-MS trends and innovations.

Overcoming the quantification of cyclic peptides with the latest triple quadrupole technology

Join this webinar and see how the new SCIEX 7500 system is ready to overcome the challenges of the low-level quantification of cyclic peptides.

Gas Safety in Your Laboratory

In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of using gas generators for your laboratory gas supply in terms of safety, convenience and the potential reduction of overheads compared to cylinders or dewars.

Increasing Lab Uptime with a Nitrogen Gas Generator

In this webinar Dr. Ed Connor, Product Manager for Peak Scientific, explains the benefits of performing LC-MS/MS analysis with a Peak gas generator for increased uptime and an economic gas supply.
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