LCMS webinars focusing on Tips & Tricks

LCMS webinars focusing on Tips & Tricks

Reliability of Multiresidue Identification: HRMS versus QQQ Mass Spectrometry

The causes of “false positive” and “false negative” derived from both QqQ-MS and HR-MS detection will be discussed.

Decrypting liquid chromatography variation and managing compound optimization and ion suppression for improved LC-MS/MS assay reproducibility

How to improve your LC-MS/MS assays by investigating the causes of chromatographic variation, the effects of differing methods of compound optimization and the sources of ion suppression.

Exploring LC Selectivity Using Steroids in a Clinical Research Setting

LC selectivity theory and its parameters. Column phases and expected interactions with five different steroids. Screening 4 phases and how they affect the LC selectivity for a steroid panel.

Analytical Considerations to Improve Regulated and Unregulated Analysis of PFAS Compounds

How column choice affects PFAS selectivity. Learn how modified C18, -Hexyl, Phenyl-Hexyl, and Fluorinated phases affect PFAS selectivity. How using organic modifiers can improve PFAS selectivity.

Analytical Method Development for Oligonucleotide analysis

Primer on Oligonucleotide & chromatographic challenges. Method Development consideration by LC. Mobile phase composition Impact on sensitivity. The impacts on metal cations on LC MS methods for Oligos.

5 Common LC Troubleshooting Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Understanding chromatographic Interactions. Identifying Sytem/method/column related issues. Choosing right mobile phase/column. Proper column washing and storage conditions.

Eliminate the Fear in Agilent LC/MS System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

In this talk, Agilent’s LC/MS Regional System Specialists will discuss several topics that will help eliminate the fear factor of LC/MS by providing best practices and troubleshooting tricks and tips.

A Guide to Building Your LC Method Development Kit Plus Tips on Storage & Care

3 Topics: How to choose different column phases; What kind of LC columns can be a strong method development kit; How to take care of your LC column to extend its lifetime.

Maximizing Performance through GPC Column Selection: Then and Now

In this webinar, we will look at the parameters and considerations for GPC columns and selection.

From Instrument to Column: Tracking down the Problem

In this webinar, we will work through troubleshooting strategies to help find the source of the problem.

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