LCMS webinars focusing on IC

LCMS webinars focusing on IC

How ion chromatography plays a vital role in drug development

How to apply ion chromatography at different stages of drug development. Preventative and troubleshooting drug development with ion chromatography for impurities.

IC Symposium 2023 - Day 3

Join us for the 2023 Global IC Symposium! Day 3 | Asia Pacific.

IC Symposium 2023 - Day 2

Join us for the 2023 Global IC Symposium! Europe and Africa

Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Applications

Recently validated IC methods for various assays and their associated impurities and challenges associated with some magnesium-based OTC products.

IC Symposium 2023 - Day 1

Join us for the 2023 Global IC Symposium! North and South America

Analysis of Plating Baths with Ion Chromatography

Attend this session to learn how The Armoloy Corporation recently replaced tedious, manual analysis of their chromium baths with IC to monitor chromium and ionic contaminants.

Monitoring PFAS and other organically bound halogens in water and wastewater

How to determine AOX and AOF by Combustion Elemental Analysis and Combustion Ion Chromatography.

Redefining anion analysis with a new generation of separation columns

New material and innovative design of the stationary phase are behind the outstanding stability, capacity, and resolution of the Metrosep A Supp 19 columns.

"Eat your vegetables," but how safe are they? Total solutions for comprehensive pesticide residue analysis

Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry coupled to GC, LC, and IC addresses this challenge and maximizes coverage, providing the necessary specificity and sensitivity to meet regulatory guidelines.

Sample Prep and IC-MS/MS Workflows for Anionic and Cationic Pesticides

This webinar will recap on polar pesticide analysis utilizing ion chromatography, including the inclusion of IC-MS/MS as an EURL-SRM.

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