Sensitive Analysis of Nodularin and Microcystins of Concern in Drinking Water Using Simplified Sample Preparation

Applications | 2018 | WatersInstrumentation
Sample Preparation, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, LC/QQQ
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APPLICATION NOTE 64968Quantitation of cyanotoxins in drinking wateraccording to EPA 544 guidelinesAuthorsAli Haghani,1 Andy Eaton,1 NeloniWijeratne,2 Claudia Martins2Eurofins Eaton Analytical,Monrovia, CA2Thermo Fisher Scientific,San Jose, CAGoalTo demonstrate a sensitive, accurate, and reliable LC-MS/MS methodologyin the quantitation of cyanotoxins in drinking water...
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Application NoteAnalysis of microcystins andnodularin in drinking water using anAgilent Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MSFigure 1. Agilent UltivoIntegrated into LC Stack.AuthorsTarun Anumol1,Theresa Sosienski2, andDan‑Hui Dorothy Yang21Agilent Technologies, Inc.Wilmington, DE2Agilent Technologies, Inc.Santa Clara, CAAbstractMicrocystins and nodularin are potent hepatotoxins produced by various...
Key words
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Waters Application NotesEnvironmental Industrial growth. Agricultural processes.Municipal waste. Each poses a very real threatto the environment and human health. It iscritical that governments and businesses seekout the most effective analytical innovationsto detect and identify chemical contaminants.Waters thoroughly understands the specialized needs...
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Jaewon Choi,1 Je-Heon Jang,1 Jennifer Massi,2 Jonathan Beck2Water Analysis & Research Center, K water, Daejeon 306-711, Korea2Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA, USA1Key WordsEQuan, Exactive, Orbitrap, algal toxins, cyanobacteria, water analysis,online concentrationGoalTo develop a column-switching technique based on online preconcentrationand...
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