A Sensitive Microflow LC-MS/MS Method for the Analysis of Fluticasone Propionate in Human Plasma

Applications | 2017 | WatersInstrumentation
Clinical Research
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[ APPLICATION NOTEBOOK ]PEPTIDE AND PROTEINBIOANALYSIS [ OUR SCIENTISTS ]Yun Alelyunas, PhDBefore coming to Waters in 2012, YunAlelyunas was a principal scientist and teamleader at AstraZeneca for 20 years whereshe was involved in industrial chemicalanalysis, in vitro ADME screening, andproject core...
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[ TECHNOLOGY BRIEF ]Increasing Throughput for the Analysis of Human Insulin andRelated Biotherapeutic Analogs using the ionKey/MS SystemMichael Donegan, James Murphy, and Erin ChambersWaters Corporation, Milford, MA, USAThe ionKey/MS System enables the flexibility tomodulate between ultra-sensitivity and higherthroughput with ease.GOALTo...
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[ ion key / MS ]APPLICATION COMPENDIUM Dear Colleague,The 2014 introduction of the ionKey/MS System was a turning point for LC-MS.The promise of increased levels of sensitivity from smaller sample sizes was finally a reality. Wewere confident we had designed a...
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Improving the Detection of Thyroglobulin in Human Plasma for ClinicalResearch by Combining SISCAPA Enrichment and Microflow LC-MSJay S. Johnson,1 Morteza Razavi,2 James Murphy,1 Selena Larkin,2 and Paul Rainville11Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, USA; 2 SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Washington, DC, USAA P...
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