Enhancing MRM Experiments in GC/MS/MS Using APGC

Applications | 2013 | WatersInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
Agilent Technologies, Waters
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A Multi-Residue Method for the Analysis of Pesticides inCannabis Using UPLC-MS/MS and APGC-MS/MS to MeetCanadian Regulatory RequirementsDavid James, 1 Nichole Taylor, 1 and Christopher Stadey2Bloom Labs at Perennia Laboratories, Nova Scotia, Canada2Waters Corporation, Mississauga, Canada1APPLICATION BENEFITS■■Sensitive and reproducible workflowHealth Canada...
Key words
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Quantitative Analysis of Pesticides in QuEChERsExtracts Using APGC/MS/MSDominic Roberts and Antonietta WallaceG OA LAPGC/MS/MS allows sensitive and accurate determinationTo detect and quantify GC-amenable pesticidesin QuEChERs extracts of fruit and vegetables.To demonstrate the limits of detection andlinearity possible using APGC/MS/MS.of multiple...
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A Validated Method for the Analysis of 142 Pesticide Residues UsingAtmospheric Pressure GC Coupled with Tandem Quadrupole Mass SpectrometryL. Cherta,1 T. Portolés,1 J. Beltran,1 E. Pitarch,1 J.G.J. Mol,2 F. Hernández,1 D. Roberts,3 and R. Rao31Research Institute for Pesticides and Water,...
Key words
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Sensitive and Repeatable Analysis of Pesticides in QuEChERS Extractswith APGC-MS/MSDominic Roberts,1 Sara Stead,1 and Jennifer A. Burgess21Waters Corporation, Manchester, UK2Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, USAA P P L I C AT I O N B E N E F I T...
Key words
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