Does Tween 20 Affect Monoclonal Antibody Separation?

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Agilent-NISTmAbAggregate andFragment AnalysisAgilent BioHPLC ColumnsApplication Compendium ContentsAgilent-NISTmAb Standard (P/N 5191-5744; 5191-5745) was aliquoted fromNISTmAb RM 8671 batch. Quality control (QC) testing is performed usingAgilent LC-MS system. QC batch release test includes aggregate profile, chargevariants and intact mass information. A certificate of...
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Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columnsfor Aggregate Analysis: InstrumentCompatibilityTechnical OverviewIntroductionAgilent AdvanceBio SEC columns are a new family of size exclusion chromatography(SEC) columns packed with 2.7 µm particles of a unique, low binding, polymer coatedsilica stationary phase. This technology provides minimal nonspecific interactions,and...
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Helpful ‘Hints’ for Protein SEC Success
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