ASMS 2021: The use of Desorption ElectroSpray Ionisation with a novel heated transfer line for the analysis of lubricated surfaces

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INCREASED MOLECULAR INFORMATION FOR SPATIAL IMAGING USING DESI MSMark Towers; Joanne Ballantyne, Emrys Jones, Emmanuelle ClaudeWaters Corporation, Stamford Rd, Wilmslow, SK9 4AX, UKINTRODUCTIONOver the last 15 years, desorption electrospray ionisation(DESI) mass spectrometry (MS) has been increasinglyused for a wide variety...
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ADVANTAGES OF HIGH RESOLUTION ION MOBILITY ON THE CYCLIC IMS FOR DESI MASS SPECTROMETRY IMAGING1Susan Slade, 1Emmanuelle Claude.1Waters Corporation, Wilmslow, UK.INTRODUCTIONRESULTSTMDesorption DESI is a powerful andsensitive MS ionisation technique for theprofiling and imaging of metabolites andlipids direct from unmodified complexbiological...
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Application NoteData Independent HDMSE High ThroughputDrug Library Screening Using the DESI XSSourceLisa Reid, Mark Towers, Michael McCullagh, I.D. Wilson, Robert S. Plumb, Joanne ConnollyWaters CorporationAbstractDesorption electrospray ionization (DESI) coupled to an ion mobility separation (IMS) capable massspectrometer has been utilized...
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INCREASE IMAGE CLARITY AND SPECIFICITY USING DUAL MSI SOURCES AND MULTI-REFLECTING TIME-OF-FLIGHT ANALYZINGMETABOLITES IN MOUSE TESTISEmma Marsden-Edwards1; Martin Palmer1; Sheba Jarvis2; Mark Towers1; Dale Cooper-Shepherd1; Charlotte Bevan2; Emmanuelle Claude11: Waters Corporation, Altrincham Rd, Stamford Avenue, Wilmslow, SK9 4AX, UK; 2:...
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