Simultaneous LC-MS/MS Analysis of Haloacetic Acids, Bromate, Chlorate, and Dalaponin Water Samples

Applications | 2021 | ShimadzuInstrumentation
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Application NoteEnvironmentalDetermination of Haloacetic Acids inDrinking Water by LC/MS/MSAuthorsClaudimir Lucio do LagoDepartment of FundamentalChemistry,Institute of Chemistry,University of São Paulo, BrazilDaniela DanielAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractA fast, simple, and sensitive direct injection LC/MS/MS method has been developedfor the determination of nine haloacetic acids...
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TP-101Simultaneous LC-MS/MS Analysis of Haloacetic Acids, Bromate, Chlorate, and Dalapon in Water SamplesSamantha Olendorff, Evelyn Wang, Jenna Davis, Elizabeth Barnabe, Priyanka Chitranshi, Chris GillesShimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, Maryland(x10,000)1. Overview4. ResultsHaloacetic acids, bromate, chlorate, and Dalapon were analyzed in one method...
Key words
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APPLICATION NOTE 73343Fast determination of nine haloacetic acids,bromate, and dalapon at trace levels in drinkingwater samples by tandem IC-MS/MSAuthors: Xin Zhang, Charanjit Saini, Chris Pohl,and Yan LiuThermo Fisher Scientific, Sunnyvale, CAKeywords: IC-MS/MS, HAA5, HAA9,disinfection byproducts (DBPs), EPA 557,Dionex IonPac AS31...
Key words
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