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LC-GC System Sterols
2017|Axel Semrau|Brochures and specifications
LC-GC System SterolsProduct Information Product InformationLC-GC System SterolsSterol analyticsDetermination of sterols is required for example during quality control of oils. An essential parameter for the purity and qualityof oils is the composition of the incorporated sterols. The common analytical procedure for...
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2018|Axel Semrau|Brochures and specifications
CHRONECT® QuantosProduct Information Product InformationCHRONECT® QuantosIntroductionAt the analytica 2018 Axel Semrau® haspaved the way for a new era of laboratoryautomation. In close collaboration withMETTLER-TOLEDO GmbH, Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH and Trajan Scientific andMedical a unique innovation for the automation in laboratories has...
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2018|Axel Semrau|Brochures and specifications
CHRONECT® BionicProduct Information Product InformationCHRONECT® BionicA new era of laboratory automationAt the analytica 2018 Axel Semrau® pavedthe way for a new era of laboratory automation. CHRONECT® Bionic is a new and todate unique solution for the laboratoryworld. Autosampler offer a high...
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