Analysis of Fipronil and Metabolites in Chicken and Eggs Using Agilent QuEChERS Kit Followed with Agilent Bond Elut EMR—Lipid Cleanup by LC/MS/MS

Applications | 2020 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
Sample Preparation, Consumables, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, LC/QQQ
Food & Agriculture
Agilent Technologies
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Application NoteFood Testing andAgricultureAnalysis of Multiclass MultiresiduePesticides in Milk Using AgilentCaptiva EMR—Lipid with LC/MS/MSand GC/MS/MSAuthorsXia Yang, Youjuan Zhang, andZhiming ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis application note describes the analysis of multiclass, multiresidue pesticidesin milk. The sample preparation method is based on Agilent...
Key words
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Application BriefFood Testing andAgricultureAnalysis of Acetyl Progesterones inPork, Eggs, and Milk Using the AgilentCaptiva EMR—Lipid by LC/MS/MSAuthorsCuiling Wu, Juan An,and Limian ZhaoAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis study developed and validated a method for the quantitative analysis of fourman-made acetyl progesterones in pork,...
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fga, fgamga, mgacma, cmarec, recpos, poskidney, kidneypork, porkegg, eggemr, emragilent, agilentcaptiva, captivaliver, livermilk, milkrsd, rsdlipid
Application NoteVeterinary DrugsAnalysis of Nitroimidazoles in EggUsing Agilent Captiva EMR—Lipid andLC/MS/MSAuthorXia YangAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis Application Note describes the determination of four nitroimidazoles(metronidazole, dimetridazole, ronidazole, and ipronidazole) and theirhydroxy‑metabolites in chicken egg with an easy, robust pass-through cleanup andLC/MS/MS analysis. The...
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Application NoteA Newly Modified QuEChERSMethod for Multiresidue PesticideDetermination in Black PepperUsing LC/TQAuthorsAbstractDinh Loc Dao,Minh Trung Tran, andTuan Dat HoIndoChina Center ofExcellence and Red StarVietnam Company, Ltd.Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamThis application note presents several investigations of different sample treatmentmethods for...
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