Robust and Reproducible Protein Quantification in Plasma using the Evosep One and the Agilent 6495 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

Applications | 2020 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
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Application NoteProteomicsPeptide Quantification in PlasmaUsing the Agilent 6495 TripleQuadrupole LC/MS Coupled with theAgilent 1290 Infinity II LC SystemAuthorLinfeng WuAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis application note showcases the quantitative performance of multiple reactionmonitoring (MRM)-based LC/MS analysis of peptides derived from proteinbiomarkers in human...
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The Agilent 6495 Triple QuadrupoleLC/MS: Peptide QuantitationPerformanceTechnical OverviewIntroductionSample complexity and the low concentration of certain biomarkers are the majorchallenges encountered when performing biomarker verification using multiple reactionmonitoring (MRM)-based methods. For this reason, the development of MRM-basedanalytical methods using stable isotope-labeled...
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Poster ReprintASMS 2020ThP487Robust and Reproducible ProteinQuantification in Plasma usingEvosep One and Agilent 6495Triple Quadrupole LC/MSLinfeng Wu 1 and Nicolai Bache 21AgilentTechnologies, Santa Clara, CA;2EvosepBiosystems, Odense, Denmark IntroductionExperimentalIn clinical research applications, it is commonlynecessary to analyze low abundance proteinbiomarkers from large sample...
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Poster ReprintASMS 2023Poster number MP 047Quantitative Targeted Proteomics ofMouse Plasma Protein Biomarkers byusing Nano LC coupled to TripleQuadrupole Mass SpectrometerXI QIU1, Thomas Walker1, Claudia Gaither2, Robert Popp2,Christoph Borchers3, John Sausen11Agilent2MRMTechnologies, Wilmington, DEProteomics Inc, Montreal, QC, Canada3Divisionof Experimental Medicine, McGill University,Montréal,...
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