Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging on the SYNAPT XS: Combined imaging techniques yield comprehensive results

Technical notes | 2020 | WatersInstrumentation
Ion Mobility, MS Imaging, LC/TOF, LC/HRMS, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS
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Utility of Desorption Electrospray Ionization(DESI) for Mass Spectrometry ImagingEmmanuelle Claude and Emrys JonesG OA LDESI imaging provides effective and meaningfulTo describe the DESI imaging technique asapplied to mass spectrometry imaging usingtime-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometers, suchas the SYNAPT® G2-Si or the...
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[ APPLICATION NOTEBOOK ]MS IMAGING AND AMBIENT IONIZATION-MSFOR METABOLOMICS AND LIPIDOMICS1 This notebook is an excerpt from the larger Waters’ Application Notebook on Metabolomics and Lipidomics #720005245ENTABLE OF CONTENTS3 Introduction4 Biomarker Discovery Directly from Tissue Xenograph Using High Definition ImagingMALDI Combined with Multivariate...
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[ TECHNOLOGY BRIEF ]Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging on the SYNAPT XS:Combined Imaging Techniques Yield Comprehensive ResultsEmmanuelle Claude, Mark Towers, and Joanne BallantyneWaters Corporation, Wilmslow, UKFeatures both fully integrated traditional MALDI andnew and improved DESI XS sources, providing a flexible,comprehensive, and...
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Targeted MS Imaging Solution withDESI XS and XEVO TQ AbsoluteMS Imaging has evolved. Harness Absolute confidencewith Absolute sensitivity.TMTQ ABSOLUTE [ TAGETED MS IMAGING ]Targeted MS Imagingfor sensitive, selectiveand fast molecularvisualizationCombine the enhanced DESI™ XS withXevo™ TQ Absolute to unlock previouslyinaccessible molecular...
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