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Cannabis - Potency with LC/UV

RECORD | Already taken place We, 1.2.2023
Join Agilent application scientists as they demonstrate our OpenLab CDS and MassHunter software for cannabis workflows.
Agilent Technologies: Software for Cannabis Testing

Agilent Technologies: Software for Cannabis Testing

Join Agilent application scientists as they demonstrate our OpenLab CDS and MassHunter software for cannabis workflows. This webinar series will guide participants through optimizing the features of OpenLab CDS and MassHunter in order to save time and drive productivity to a higher level. Speakers will answer some of your most frequently asked software questions and share their tips and tricks. Each webinar in the series will cover a different workflow.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to set up correction equations and tune modes with the half mass acquisition, and how to set up and use UHMI and the element template function
  • How to use the EMF, Help, and Learning Center in MassHunter 5.1
  • ​How to build processing methods for determining potency calculations
  • How to prepare calibration tables for use in determining cannabinoid levels
  • How to utilize custom calculations to prepare custom reports
  • Learn the quantitative workflow in OpenLab CDS
  • Learn to create LC/MS custom libraries.

Who Should Attend:

Lab managers, analysts, processors, growers, and other individuals who are responsible for cannabis potency, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, or terpenes testing.

Presenter: Brian Whiteley (Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies, Inc.)

Brian Whiteley is an Application Scientist in the HPLC group at Agilent. Prior to joining Agilent, he spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with various companies within their discovery chemistry groups. His research has focused on the synthesis, purification, and analysis of compounds generated in library format with an emphasis on purification and analysis by LC/MS. Brian currently focuses on cannabis potency applications, prep HPLC, and supporting Agilent customers HPLC applications.

Presenter: Bill Long, PhD (Pre-Sales Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies, Inc.)

Bill received his B.S. degree from University of Delaware. He completed his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, where part of his research included analysis of derivatized amino acids. He worked at Himont/ Montell Polyolefins/Basell in Wilmington Delaware and Elkton Maryland as a Research Scientist where he provided analytical support in HPLC, Polymer Fractionation, Size Exclusion Chromatography, and Regulatory Extractable Analysis in the development of new polymers and polymer additives. He joined Agilent Technologies in 2002 where he has worked in Technical Support, LC Columns R&D and as an Application Scientist in the LC Columns Marketing Group. His current position is as a Pre-Sales Application Scientist in the Laboratory Solutions Group. He was a Member of the USP Council of Experts, Chemical Medicines 6, 2015-2020 and currently is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Delaware Valley Chromatography Forum.

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