ASMS 2021: Evaluation of Highly Stable Zwitterionic HILIC Columns Based on Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Particles

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Application NoteIntroducing Atlantis BEH Z-HILIC: AZwitterionic Stationary Phase Based onHybrid Organic/Inorganic ParticlesThomas H. Walter, Kenneth D. Berthelette, Amit Patel, Bonnie A. Alden, Justin McLaughlin, Jessica Field, NicoleLawrence, Steve ShinerWaters Corporation AbstractAmong the many stationary phase chemistries available for hydrophilic interaction chromatography...
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Evaluation of Highly Stable Zwitterionic HILIC ColumnsBased on Hybrid Organic/Inorganic ParticlesJonathan E. Turner, Kerri Smith, Bonnie A. Alden, Kenneth Berthelette, Amit Patel, Jessica Field,Nicole Lawrence, Thomas H. WalterWaters Corp., Milford, MAIntroduction• To address these challenges, we developeda new sulfobetaine stationary...
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[ CARE AND USE MANUAL ]Atlantis Premier BEH Z-HILIC ColumnsCONTENTSI.INTRODUCTIONII.GETTING STARTEDa. eCord Installationb. Column Installationc. Column Equilibrationd. Initial Column Efficiency DeterminationIII.IV.V.COLUMN USEa. Sample Preparationb. pH Rangec. Buffers and Additivesd. Solventse. Pressuref. Temperatureg. Replacing the VanGuard FIT CartridgeCOLUMN CLEANING, REGENERATION,AND STORAGEa....
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