Quantification of drugs of abuse in human blood by TurboFlow chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry for use in clinical research

Applications | 2020 | Thermo Fischer ScientificInstrumentation
Clinical Research
Thermo Fischer Scientific
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Comprehensive LC/MS Analysis ofOpiates, Opioids, Benzodiazepines,Amphetamines, Illicits, andMetabolites in UrineApplication NoteForensic ToxicologyAbstractThis application note demonstrates that the Agilent 6420 Triple QuadrupoleLC/MS system can be used to simultaneously analyze a wide variety of drugclasses in urine samples with minimal sample preparation...
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Appli cat i on N ote 5 7 6Simultaneous Quantitation of 43 Drugs inHuman Urine with a “Dilute-and-Shoot”LC-MS/MS MethodXiang He and Marta Kozak, Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CAKey WordsTSQ Quantum Access MAX, forensic toxicology, drugs of abuse, painmanagement drugs,...
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carisprodol, carisprodolalprazolam, alprazolamhydrocodone, hydrocodonefentanyl, fentanylmorphine, morphineurine, urinebenzylpiperazine, benzylpiperazinemeperidine, meperidineoxymorphone, oxymorphoneeddp, eddphydromorphone, hydromorphonemidazolam, midazolambenzoylecgonine, benzoylecgoninepcp, pcpmdea
TECHNICAL NOTE 73467Quantitation of drugs of abuse and theirmetabolites in urine using PaperSpray tandemmass spectrometry for clinical research andforensic toxicologyAuthors: Scott A. Borden1,2, Armin Saatchi1,Chris G. Gill1,2, Neloni R. Wijeratne3Applied Environmental Research LaboratoriesVancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC12University of Victoria, Victoria,...
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cutoff, cutoffverispray, verisprayforensic, forensicethylpentylone, ethylpentylonealprazolam, alprazolamrun, runabuse, abusegrand, grandfluorofentanyl, fluorofentanylpaperspray, paperspraycarfentanil, carfentanilfortis, fortislens, lensmethamphetamine, methamphetamineamphetamine
#19dClam- SPE on line- UHPLC-MS/MS : Fully automatic, simultaneous andquickly quantification of drugs of abuse in blood, plasma and urine.Maria Rosaria Innarella (1), Doriane Toinon (2), Mickael Nicolas (3), Tiphaine Robin (4), Alban Huteau (2), Thierry Besnard (3), Frank saint...
Key words
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