Size Exclusion Chromatography Analysis of a Monoclonal Antibody and Antibody Drug Conjugate

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Application NoteBiopharmaHigh Resolution Size ExclusionChromatography Analysis of SmallTherapeutic ProteinsAuthorsSandeep Kondaveeti,Te‑Wei Chu, andAndrew CoffeyAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractProtein denaturation processes involving aggregation are among the factorsimpeding the development of stable protein drug formulations. The use of sizeexclusion chromatography (SEC) HPLC for determining purity...
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Fast Separations forAggregates and FragmentsAgilent AdvanceBio SEC 200 Å 1.9 μm columns Boost Your Productivity with FastAggregate and Fragment AnalysisSize exclusion chromatography (SEC) is a reference method for the qualitative andquantitative analysis of protein aggregates, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)and antibody...
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Agilent BiocolumnsAggregate/Fragment AnalysisApplication Compendium ContentsBackground2Getting Started3How to Guide - Size Exclusion Chromatography for BiomoleculeAnalysis - 5991-3651EN 4Featured Application NotesElevate Your mAb Aggregate Analysis - 5994-2709EN12222High-Resolution, High-Throughput Size Exclusion ChromatographyAnalysis of Monoclonal Antibodies - 5994-0828EN29Sensitive Native Mass Spectrometry of MacromoleculesUsing Standard Flow LC/MS...
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Application NoteBiopharma/PharmaNative SEC/MS Analysis of mAbs onan Entirely Biocompatible Flow PathUsing the Agilent 1290 Infinity II Bio LC System andAgilent AdvanceBio SEC 200 Å 1.9 µm PEEK-linedcolumn in mAbs analysisAuthorsAbstractLiesa Verscheure,Gerd Vanhoenacker,Pat Sandra, and Koen SandraRIC groupPresident Kennedypark 26B-8500 KortrijkBelgiumSize...
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