What's New in KnowItAll 2024

RECORD | Already taken place Th, 30.11.2023
The latest features and how they can impact your research and analyses.
WAS: What's New in KnowItAll 2024

WAS: What's New in KnowItAll 2024

Wiley’s KnowItAll spectral software offers solutions to identify, analyze, and manage analytical data (IR, MS, NMR, Raman, and UV-Vis). Combined with Wiley’s comprehensive, high-quality spectral reference libraries, it provides an unparalleled solution for fast, reliable spectral analysis.

With the KnowItAll 2024 software release, Wiley continues to expand KnowItAll’s capabilities, including an integrated tool for multi-technique quantitative analysis that can greatly streamline your workflow; plus, many enhancements and upgrades to data management, processing, and reporting. In this release, we have also made advances to our NMR workflow and LC-MS databasing.

In this webinar, we will review the latest features and how they can impact your research and analyses.

Presenter: Dr. Michelle D’Souza, Ph.D. (Product Manager, Software Products, Wiley Science Solutions)

Dr. D’Souza brings years of insight and knowledge in the area of spectral informatics with leadership roles at Wiley and Bio-Rad Laboratories. In addition to multiple years as a scientific researcher at Abbott (now AbbVie) and DuPont. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Northern Illinois University and a Masters in Analytical Chemistry form the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. She earned a BS degree from the Chemistry Department of Beijing University.

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