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LC and LCMS webinars - Week 37

Mo, 13.9.2021
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In the current week, a total of 9 interesting webinars are waiting for you in the field of LC and LC/MS.
LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars - Week 37

LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars - Week 37

In the week from Septemer 13, 2021, the following webinars await you in the field of LC and LCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

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1. Waters Corporation: Save Time and Money with Waters Session 7: From Data to Insights with Empower Data Science Link

Join us to learn more about Empower Data Science Link to go from chromatography data to actionable insights in your lab and business.

2. Phenomenex: HPLC Mobile Phase Optimization

In this webinar we will discuss about the ideal solvent, strength & selectivity, elution types, pH effects & modifiers, ion pairing and temperature in HPLC analysis.

3. Agilent Technologies: Resolve More Isoforms with the New Agilent 1290 Infinity II Bio LC System

Join Patrick Cronan, for an in depth look Agilent Technologies’ new 1290 Infinity II Bio LC systems and decide the optimal pumping system for your application needs.

4. Separation Science/Agilent Technologies: Expert Discussion Forum: Mass Spectrometry to Fight Food Fraud

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an expert discussion forum addressing some of the key analytical issues surrounding food fraud and authenticity testing.

5. Phenomenex: Reversed Phase HPLC Method Development: A Selectivity Perspective

We will discuss how resolution is affected by retention, selectivity and efficiency, reversed phase selectivity, chromatographic resolution parameters and benefits of high efficiency.

6. Phenomenex: HPLC Method Development Based on Compound Classes

In this webinar we will discuss about Chromatographic resolution & selectivity relationship, stationary phase characteristics, particle type/pore size/boned ligands, end-capping & selectivity and much more...

7. Agilent Technologies: Automation in Analytical Laboratories – Purification Solution

To know "Join" our Automation webinar series, Part 3 - How an automation can help your purify your compound of interest with the best selectivity & highest recoveries?

8. C&EN/WuXi AppTec: The evolving role of mass spectrometry in drug discovery

We will discuss MS as a tool for target identification and validation in proteomics, Small molecule lead generation with MS, Distribution, metabolism and pharmacokinetics through the application of MS.

9. Technology Networks/Agilent Technologies/SCIEX/ PerkinElmer/MilliporeSigma: The Science of Cannabis Testing 2021 - EXPLORING THE CANNABIS SCIENCE AND TESTING LANDSCAPE

Free to attend, 1-day event highlights some of the most interesting and exciting developments in the world of cannabis testing whilst giving industry leading scientists a platform to disseminate their research.

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