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LC and LCMS webinars RAFA 2021

Su, 31.10.2021
| Original article from: RAFA 2021
Join RAFA 2021 webinars: MOSH & MOAH, ZenoTOF 7600, CHRONECT, PFAS, Pesticide Residues, MS software, LC-GC×GC-ToFMS/FID, timsTOF IM, ACQUITY™ Premier, HRMS, HPLC columns.
LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars RAFA 2021

LabRulez: LC and LCMS webinars RAFA 2021

3. - 4. November 2021, RAFA 2021 completely VIRTUAL event this year. All activities will be held online and registration at RAFA 2021 is FREE OF CHARGE for all participants for both scientific program and webinars. We bring you overview of 13 LC & LCMS online Webinars

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1. Shimadzu/RAFA 2021: Pitfalls in the Analysis of Mineral Oil Residues in Food

This talk will focus on mainly on the still present pitfalls of the analysis MOSH & MOAH.

2. SCIEX/RAFA 2021: Advancements for food and environmental testing with the ZenoTOF 7600 system

In this webinar we will cover Novel MS technologies to elevate accurate mass sensitivity for MS/MS and the potential of a new fragmentation option for confirmation and identification.

3. Axel Semrau/RAFA 2021: Automated Solutions for the Analysis of MOSH/MOAH and Mycotoxins in Food

Focus will be on m-cpba-free epoxidation process and the current generation of GCxGC/TOF-MS measurement technology. The new system CHRONECT Symbiosis RIDA®CREST has been tested for Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin A.

4. PerkinElmer/RAFA 2021: Advancement in the determination and confirmatory analysis of PFAS in food matrices using QSight LC/MS/MS

Recent results on the development and validation of sensitive methods for determination and unambiguous confirmation of residues of PFAS in breast milk, retail milk, infant formulas and human serum.

5. Agilent Technologies/RAFA 2021: A Novel Workflow to Determine over 1000 Pesticide Residues in Compliance with SANTE 12682/2019 Guidelines in Various Food Matrices

We present a comprehensive, joint LC-MS and GC-MS workflow for the simultaneous quantitation of >1000 pesticide residues in fruits and cereals of varying water and fat content.

6. Waters Corporation/RAFA 2021: A Simple, easy, and efficient way to process and review data for large multi residue methods using the MS Quan app within the new waters_connect software

We will demonstrate the usability of the software by generating a processing method from acquired data or the easy of setting up batch QC criteria and much more...

7. Restek Corporation/RAFA 2021: New Methods Targeting Emerging Food Contact Materials: MOSH/MOAH and PFAS

We will show you LC-GC×GC-ToFMS/FID for the quantitative and confirmatory analysis of MOSH and MOAH and the targeted approach for detecting and quantifying PFAS in paper and board matrices using LC/QQQ.

8. Bruker Daltonics/RAFA 2021: Use timsTOF Ion Mobility technology to improve results in Food analysis

We will discuss Using VIP-HESI and Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry to improve confidence in identification and workflow for setting up and controlling food authenticity analysis.

9. Agilent Technologies/RAFA 2021: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): Analytical strategies to identify and quantify the next emerging contaminant in Food & Beverage

This presentation will detail strategies for both targeted quantification and identification of legacy & emerging PFAS in food & beverage.

10. Waters Corporation/RAFA 2021: Enhancing analysis of foods using the ACQUITY™ Premier solution, Vitamin B, Organic Acids and beyond

We demonstrate improved performance in analyte peak area, limit of quantification, and carry-over using the MaxPeak™ HPS technology in the analysis phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated B vitamins.

11. Thermo Fisher Scientific/RAFA 2021: Taking advantage of the latest developments in GC- and LC- High Resolution Accurate Mass MS for both quantitative and non-target analysis in Food Safety

Find out how HRAM MS can be used to detect food fraud and how acquired data files can be used for both quantitation of target compounds and detection of unexpected compounds.

12. Phenomenex/RAFA 2021: Analysis of PFAS Compounds from Food and Food Contact Material

This webinar will give an overview of the PFAS workflows from foods and food contact material by focusing on PFAS extraction and analysis from various food samples, include eggs, fish, butter.

13. Phenomenex/RAFA 2021: Determination of Ionic Pesticides, Chlorate and Perchlorate in Various Food Matrices

This webinar will describe the performance of a new column, Venusil Hilic for the separation of ionic pesticides and inorganic anions chlorate and perchlorate.

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