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HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 4/2022

Mo, 24.1.2022
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This week 12 HPLC & LC/MS webinars: Evosep One, AIQ, AI Proteomics, HILIC, QQQ in Proteomics, T&T LC-QTOF, CSV, E&L Forum, Veterinary drugs, Digital workflow, PFAS Sample Prep.
LabRulez: HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 4/2022

LabRulez: HPLC & LC/MS webinars Week 4/2022

In the week from January 24, 2022, the following webinars await you in the field of HPLC and LC/MS.


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1. Evosep Biosystems: Evosep One in the Clinical Biochemistry Lab

In this webinar you can meet users from this specific field and learn about their work and how they have implemented the Evosep One into their workflow.

2. Agilent Technologies: Regulatory Requirements for Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ) and Recent Trends

This presentation will explain how to comply with USP <1058> requirements and will look at the relationship between USP <1058> and GAMP, along with regulatory trend information and compliance findings.

3. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Artificial intelligence in proteomics

We will cover topics like Deep learning boosts sensitivity of mass spectrometry-based immunopeptidomics or CHIMERYS® - An AI-driven leap forward in peptide identification.

4. Agilent Technologies: HILIC Chromatography: When and How?

When to use HILIC and how to approach HILIC method development? We will go over column selection, mobile phase considerations, detection, tips and tricks for column care, and troubleshooting.

5. Phenomenex: HPLC System Optimization

Learn how to optimize your HPLC system to enhance performance by minimizing extra column volume and how to easily ensure zero-dead volume connections throughout your HPLC system.

6. Agilent Technologies: Shining Targeted Proteomics Solutions: Precision, Robustness and Throughput

3 Topics: Proteomics with an Evosep One and Agilent 6495C LC/TQ, Robust Validation of Neoantigens and Proteomics in Biochemical and Cancer Research.

7. Agilent Technologies: Tips and Tricks to Doing Fast Polarity Switching using Agilent 6546 LCQTOF

In this webinar we will discuss the tips and tricks to setting up the 6546 LCQTOF for operation in Fast Polarity Switching Acquisition mode.

8. Agilent Technologies: Computerized System Validation (CSV) and Recent Trends

In this discussion I would like to provide a high level overview of what CSV is, how it is different from Qualification, why we need to do it, what are the benefits, and what are the new trends in validation.

9. Waters Corporation: European Extractables and Leachables Forum

Waters is providing a unique opportunity to discuss with leading experts on the latest developments in MS instrumentation, E&L libraries, as well as the importance of reliable reference standards.

10. New Food magazine/SCIEX: An ultra-high sensitivity quantification method of veterinary drugs residues in food

SCIEX’s Global Technical Leader for food and environmental presents a quantitative approach to testing for veterinary drug resides in food.

11. Agilent Technologies: Achieve a Fully Digital, End-to-End Analytical Workflow

Achieve a Fully Digital, End-to-End Analytical Workflow

12. SelectScience/Phenomenex: Comparison of PFAS recoveries between cartridge format WAX/GCB vs dispersive GCB

In this webinar, Dr. Richard Jack will demonstrate the robust LC-MS/MS recovery and precision that Strata PFAS single-tube WAX/GCB sample preparation provides for non-drinking water PFAS analysis.

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