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Tips & Tricks HPLC and LC/MS webinars 2022

Su, 7.8.2022
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An overview of 12 webinars focused on the Tips & Tricks in LC/MS. Do you know how to get maximum from your mass spectrometer?
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We bring you an overview of the latest educational webinars focused on Tips & Tricks in the field of liquid chromatography in tandem with the mass spectrometry.

These webinars are available from the record or wil take place in the future and represent a portion of valuable information from experienced specialists in the field of analytical chemistry.


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1. Agilent Technologies: Reliability of Multiresidue Identification: HRMS versus QQQ Mass Spectrometry
  • We, 28.9.2022, 19:00 (CEST)

The causes of “false positive” and “false negative” derived from both QqQ-MS and HR-MS detection will be discussed.

2. SCIEX: Decrypting liquid chromatography variation and managing compound optimization and ion suppression for improved LC-MS/MS assay reproducibility
  • RECORD | Already taken place Th, 28.7.2022

How to improve your LC-MS/MS assays by investigating the causes of chromatographic variation, the effects of differing methods of compound optimization and the sources of ion suppression.

3. Agilent Technologies: Eliminate the Fear in Agilent LC/MS System Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • RECORD | Already taken place We, 22.6.2022

In this talk, Agilent’s LC/MS Regional System Specialists will discuss several topics that will help eliminate the fear factor of LC/MS by providing best practices and troubleshooting tricks and tips.

4. Agilent Technologies: From Instrument to Column: Tracking down the Problem
  • RECORD | Already taken place Th, 26.5.2022

In this webinar, we will work through troubleshooting strategies to help find the source of the problem.

5. Agilent Technologies: CE/MS: From Small Ions to Biomolecules – Think CE!
  • RECORD | Already taken place Tu, 24.5.2022

This webinar will provide a direct comparison of CE with LC separations and will highlight areas of complementarity and orthogonality.

6. SCIEX: LC-MS/MS 101 webinar series: Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • RECORD | Already taken place Tu, 10.5.2022

In this webinar you will understand how to keep your LC-MS/MS system in tip-top shape.

7. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Pesticide residues analysis by LC-MS
  • RECORD | Already taken place Th, 7.4.2022

In this webinar we demonstrate how to increase throughput of pesticide residue testing in food, using UHPLC-MS dual channel chromatography and cover also Handy hints, tips and tricks.

8. Thermo Fisher Scientific: 2022 Global IC Symposium - Day 3
  • RECORD | Already taken place Th, 7.4.2022

Live webinars for Europe and Asia – Presentations in Asian time zones will cover relevant environmental topics, with the day continuing for European audiences with a focus on food & beverage.

9. Phenomenex: Essential LC Method Development
  • RECORD | Already taken place Tu, 8.3.2022

We will cover topics like: Chromatographic interactions, The role of mass spec, HPLC column selection, Mobile phase considerations for LC-MS, Optimizing gradient, flow rate, and injection parameters.

10. Agilent Technologies: Tips and Tricks for LC/MS Purity workflow in OpenLab CDS software
  • RECORD | Already taken place We, 23.2.2022

In this seminar we will build a qualitative method for peak purity. We will look at an LC/MS walk up method work flow within the OpenLab CDS environment.

11. Agilent Technologies: Expert Discussion on Converting Laboratories to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Targeted and Untargeted Screening (LC-TOF/LC-QTOF) from Legacy Methodologies
  • RECORD | Already taken place We, 16.2.2022

Join to discuss the adoption of HRAM into laboratories (forensic focused), challenges presented, expertise, training staff, tips and tricks and how to acquire more information on HRAM technology.

12. Agilent Technologies: Tips and Tricks to Doing Fast Polarity Switching using Agilent 6546 LCQTOF
  • RECORD | Already taken place We, 26.1.2022

In this webinar we will discuss the tips and tricks to setting up the 6546 LCQTOF for operation in Fast Polarity Switching Acquisition mode.

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