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Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 50/2022

Mo, 12.12.2022
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13 webinars: Proteins/Food, Voltammetry, Column Care, Pesticides & software, LC Methods, HR-DIA & Proteins, HILIC, CE-LC/MS Therapy, Evosep & HUPO, SCoPE-MS Proteomics, SamplePrep, MS Imaging & MRT, AQbD MD.
LabRulez: Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 50/2022

LabRulez: Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 50/2022

In the week from December 12, 2022, the following webinars await you in the field of liquid phase and especially HPLC and LC/MS.


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1. Agilent Technologies: Addressing Analytical Challenges for Alternative Protein Products
  • Tu, 13.12.2022, 06:00 (CET)

Join our webinar and learn more about modern analytical technique for alternative proteins and analytical science of plant-based proteins including issues and solutions of off-flavors.

2. Metrohm: Voltammetry goes green – mercury-free analysis of heavy metals
  • Tu, 13.12.2022, 15:00 (CET)

Jakub Tymoczko explains how to perform «green voltammetry» in the laboratory as well as in the field for fast determination and speciation of heavy metals ranging from arsenic to zinc.

3. Agilent Technologies: Off to a Fresh Start: HPLC Column Care
  • Tu, 13.12.2022, 17:00 (CET)

We will discuss best practices for HPLC column care, including reversed phase, SEC, HILIC and more. This will include initial equilibration, benchmarking a new column, column storage, and other tips...

4. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Pesticide data analysis - get it right the first time
  • Tu, 13.12.2022, 17:00 (CEST)

We will highlight our software solutions designed to assist your pesticide analysis, whether you work in research or routine analysis.

5. Phenomenex: 5 Habits That Can Make Your LC Methods More Consistent
  • Tu, 13.12.2022, 19:00 (CET)

Topics of this webinar: Understand the role of pH ; installation and conditioning of the column ; column equilibration and maintaining column temperature.

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific: High Throughput Label-Free Quantitation with Orbitrap HR-DIA Workflow
  • We, 14.12.2022, 17:00 (CET)

In this webinar we will be presenting a high throughput LF-Quan HR-DIA workflow based on Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology for reliable protein identification and quantitation.

7. Phenomenex: A Lean Approach for Assessing LC column Performance During Validation
  • Th, 15.12.2022, 04:00 (CET)

Topics: Introduction & Theory of Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC), Stationary Phases, HILIC Mobile Phase and Method Development, Advantages & Disadvantages of HILIC.

8. Technology Networks/SCIEX: The Latest Workflows for Gene Therapy and Vaccine Analysis
  • Th, 15.12.2022, 10:00 (CET)

During this webinar, you will understand how capillary electrophoresis (CE) and LC-MS are being used to ensure vaccine and cell and gene therapy product quality.

9. Evosep Biosystems: Evosep HUPO 2022 Highlights
  • Th, 15.12.2022, 16:00 (CET)

Get an overview of Evosep latest innovation within robust, high-throughput proteomics and automated end-to-end workflows presented at HUPO 2022.

10. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Pushing the limits of multiplexed single-cell proteomics
  • Th, 15.12.2022, 17:00 (CET)

We will cover a roadmap for single-cell proteomics parameter optimization for human immune cell profiling using the tandem mass tag (TMT) multiplexed SCoPE-MS methodology on Thermo Orbitrap Exploris 480 MS.

11. SelectScience/Thermo Fisher Scientific: Democratizing proteomics with standardized automated sample preparation
  • Th, 15.12.2022, 17:00 (CET)

This webinar will discuss the challenges of automated proteomics sample preparation.

12. SelectScience/Waters Corporation: Accelerate LC-MS and MS imaging workflows in your lab with multi reflecting time-of-flight mass spectrometry
  • Fr, 16.12.2022, 17:00 (CET)

Join this webinar to hear about the benefits of fast, high-resolution/accurate mass data (The Waters SELECT SERIES MRT).

13. Shimadzu Corporation: Introducing Shimadzu's Analytical Intelligence in AQbD Method Development
  • Tu, 20.12.2022, 08:00 (CET)

In this webinar, discover the Analytical Intelligence in Shimadzu’s LabSolutions MD to fast-track HPLC method development.

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