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Auto alignment for quantitative pairwise differencing of 2D data (Daniel Geschwender, MDCW 2023)

The technique for automated comparative analysis of chromatograms across different samples as well as across different detectors using the same sample is demonstrated.

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2D-LC/MS in a regulated biopharma environment: Challenges & applications (Arnaud Delobel, MDCW 2023)

2D-LC/MS in a regulated biopharma environment: Challenges & applications

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LC-GC×GC-TOF MS/FID: a multidimensional technique for complex samples (Giorgia Purcaro, MDCW 2023)

LC-GC×GC-TOF MS/FID is a powerful multidimensional analytical method for automated and reliable characterization of complex samples. Overview of the technique and application to mineral oil analysis in food.

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Temperature-responsive & chiral chromatography for chiral pharmaceuticals (Turaj Rahmani, MDCW 2023)

In this study, the enantioselective separation of a wide range of medicinal substances (log p: 0.9-4.1) is evaluated using a combination of TRLC and Chiral-RPLC.

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2D-LC with solvent modulation to overcome the mobile phase incompatibility (Marie Pardon, MDCW 2023)

This study investigates possible configurations for the modulation of HILIC and RPLC using ASM in a selective comprehensive 2D-LC set-up (sHILIC x RPLC).

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Unsupervised optimization of heart-cut and comprehensive 2D-LC separations (Bob Pirok, MDCW 2023)

This presentation will discuss the current challenges to scale this automated method development technology to heart-cut and comprehensive 2D-LC separations.

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Identification of Unknowns by GC-MS and LC-MS Using NIST Search with Commercial and User Libraries

New improvements and free GCMS training resources, including videos and associated handouts, will be described. EI/tandem libraries utilized include NIST, Wiley, MoNA, and user-created ones.
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