Rapid Analysis of Synthetic mRNA Cap Structure Using Ion-Pairing RPLC with the BioAccord LC-MS System

Applications | 2021 | WatersInstrumentation
Clinical Research
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Application NoteSize-Exclusion Chromatography Method forPoly(A) Tail Analysis of mRNAMartin GilarWaters CorporationAbstractThe first in-class therapeutic messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines were successfully developed against SARS-CoV2 virus. Therapeutic mRNA molecules can also be used for protein replacement therapy or vaccinationapproaches in cancer treatment....
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Application NoteIon-Pair Reversed-Phase LiquidChromatography Method for Analysis ofmRNA Poly(A) Tail HeterogeneityMartin Gilar, Maissa M. GayeWaters CorporationAbstractMessenger RNA (mRNA) biopolymers are new therapeutic modalities. Development of effective mRNA vaccinesagainst SARS-CoV-2 virus accelerated the research of novel mRNA therapies. Promising mRNA applicationsinclude...
Key words
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Key words
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