HPLC 2019: Improving IEX Technology and IEX-MS Applications for Domain Specific Charge Variant Analysis of mAb

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Online IEX-MS Characterization and Monitoring of mAbCharge Heterogeneity Using an Optimized Cation ExchangeResin and Compact TOF Mass SpectrometerSamantha Ippoliti1, Qi Wang1, Ying Qing Yu1, Matthew A. Lauber1, Henry Shion11Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, USAINTRODUCTIONRESULTSIon exchange chromatography (IEX) is a method of...
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Automated Analytical Cation-Exchange Chromatography Fraction Collectionand Structural Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody Charge VariantsHua Yang, Bill Warren, and Stephan KozaWaters Corporation, Milford, MA, USAAPPLICATION BENEFITS■■■■Cation-exchange separation onCharge variant levels in therapeutic proteins, including monoclonalBioResolve™ SCX mAb Columnsantibodies (mAbs), are often considered...
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Online IEX-MS of mAb Charge Variants Using a BioResolve SCX mAbColumn, IonHance CX-MS pH Concentrates, and BioAccord SystemSamantha Ippoliti, Andrew Schmudlach, Matthew A. Lauber, and Ying Qing YuWaters Corporation, Milford, MA, USAAPPLICATION BENEFITS■■■■INTRODUCTIONA novel salt mediated pH gradient ionCharacterization of...
Key words
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Characterization and Monitoring of mAb Charge Variantsvia Online IEX-MSSamantha IppolitiWaters MS User MeetingASMS 2019Atlanta, GAJune 1, 2019©2019 Waters Corporation1 Agenda1. mAb CQA Characterization2. Reverse Phase vs Ion Exchange Chromatography3. Online IEX-MS: Considerations for Method Development4. Case Studies5. Summary and Q &...
Key words
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