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ESAS-CSSC 2022 (Conference preparations)

Fr, 2.9.2022
| Original article from: SSJMM/ESAS 2022 & 17th CSSC
Preparations for the ESAS-CSSC 2022 conference are in full swing!
SSJMM: ESAS-CSSC 2022 next week

SSJMM: ESAS-CSSC 2022 next week

The conditions for holding the conference are favourable and all the organizers are already looking forward to seeing you.

ESAS 2022: Příprava sklenic

There are currently no anti-epidemic restrictions for foreign participants in the Czech Republic.

ESAS 2022: Signboards

👉👉👉 Complete program in pdf or responsive formats.

ESAS 2022: Manufacture

👉👉👉 Take a closer look at this year's speakers, including their bios.

ESAS 2022: Beermaster 2022

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SSJMM: Conference partners ESAS 2022 & 17. CSSC

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