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Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 21/2023

Mo, 22.5.2023
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16 webinars: MOSH/MOAH, HILIC, AF4-MALS, Method Transfer, Columns, Empower BC, Nitrosamines, SamplePrep, HPLC Maintainance, Solvents, LC/MS ASAP, Dissolution, Chiral..., Spectroscopy...
LabRulez: Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 21/2023

LabRulez: Webinars LabRulezLCMS Week 21/2023

In the week from May 22, the following webinars await you in the field of liquid phase and especially HPLC and LC/MS.


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1. Shimadzu Corporation: Latest Update on the Analysis of MOSH/MOAH Contamination

We will introduce a fast and efficient analysis of MOSH/MOAH using a new automated saponification workflow that can save your time and effort while maximizing the results.

2. Separation Science/SCIEX: Understanding Metabolic Pathways Using Mass Isotopologue Analysis with HILIC Zeno MRM High-Resolution

You will see how we developed a method that couples HILIC with Zeno trap-enabled MRMHR in order to acquire the isotopic labeling information at the intact metabolite and moiety level simultaneously.

3. SelectScience/Wyatt Technology: Characterizing critical quality attributes of outer membrane vesicles for conjugate vaccines

We will introduce AF4-MALS and OMV, and review the validation program that was established to assess the quality attributes obtained by AF4-MALS according to the principles described in ICH Guidelines Q2 (R1).

4. Agilent Technologies: Why Won’t My HPLC Method Transfer? How to Build a More Robust Method

In this talk, we will discuss the factors that impact the fidelity of HPLC method transfer.

5. Restek Corporation: Strategies for Adding Xylazine, Nitazenes, and Other NPS to Laboratory Testing Scopes

We will provide a background on NPS as well as strategies and tools, such as Restek’s Pro EZLC Chromatogram Modeler...

6. Waters Corporation: Empower Business Continuity (BC) LAC/E & SecureSync

Complement your #Empower CDS with sample management, equipment inventory and data archiving.

7. Waters Corporation: Nitrosamine Impurities: USP’s Compendial Response - Tools & Resources

We will explore how USP responded to the nitrosamine impurities crisis with a proposed general chapter on nitrosamine impurities.

8. Agilent Technologies: Need help with Sample Prep for LCMS in the Lab? Making use of the Automated Liquid Sampler you already have on your LCMS

The Automated Liquid Sampler (ALS) you have in your LCMS stack can simplify menial tasks.

9. Agilent Technologies: HPLC systems running out of support - how can you handle?

This webinar will give a short overview about the possibilities to keep an aged system running, to upgrade it or to exchange it to modern UHPLC systems.

10. Waters Corporation: PFAS Analysis - What's possible with unique technologies?

During the webinar, the challenges of ultra-low-level detection of PFAS will be discussed while demonstrating how the latest innovations at Waters could help you overcome them.

11. Separation Science/Biotage: Selected Applications for Drugs of Abuse Analysis in Hair

The webinar will highlight benefits of automation for laboratories with high throughput of samples and laborious manual methods, as well as challenges faced during analysis, including LOQs and matrix factors.

12. Merck: Strategies to reduce/replace traditional solvent consumption in organic synthesis labs

Our expert speakers will discuss strategies how to reduce consumption or completely replace traditional and often toxic organic solvents.

13. Waters Corporation: Cows, Barns and Drugs - Assessing portable instruments at music festivals

How direct ionization mass spectrometry can be used for rapid screening of drugs, including the mechanism of ASAP ionization.

14. Agilent Technologies: Looking Ahead: The Dissolution Lab of the Future

How does the Dissolution workflow and equipment fit into the move to a connected lab environment and where do we see challenges but also opportunities?

15. Phenomenex: Chiral Chromatography Screening 101

Join us in this upcoming webinar and take a deep dive into columns and screening modes/methods!

16. Agilent Technologies: Demystifying Molecular Instrumentation and Applications

Agilent Technologies Molecular Instrumentation and Applications...

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